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Bank Check Artifact 2.0

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Its been a while since I released anything, so here goes. I'm under Dr's order's for light duty & since sitting doing nothing for 8 hours on a graveyard shift is the fast road to a nap, I got creative. This is the result...
A player walks into Luna bank one day and see's a Bank Check just sitting on the table in the North corner. What's he/she/it going to do? Take it of course! Its free money just sitting there. But wait! They cant pick it up... Then they notice it has a Value of 0. Will they walk away? Of course not! It also has a Artifact Rarity number! They look around to see if anyone is looking at them, empty their hands & use their carefully raised Stealing skill to take it home to brag about! Just like any other respecting player would do!

A Blank Bank Check artifact ( looks like the real thing minus the Blessed part ) with a Value of 0 & random Artifact Rarity generator built in. Comes with complete, overly longwinded instructions on how to implement. Drop this into your Customs folder or wherever. Go to Scripts/Items/DecorationArtifacts/StealableArtifactsSpawner.cs and add this line wherever you want to as long as its in the StealableEntrys section with all the other arti info.
new StealableEntry( Map.Malas, new Point3D( 992,  516, -44 ), 72, 108, typeof( BlankBankCheck ) )
You can change the co-ords if you wish. Compile & let it spawn (may need to use the [removestealarties & [genstealarties to make it happen the 1st time). I take no responsibility for player's trying to cash this check as its about as worthless as an IncomeTax return. :D
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