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Nerun's Distro Revision 139

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Ryan said:

I want to thank you for what is probably by far the most popular addon for RunUO out there... It's a pretty amazing package and I personally appreciate your efforts that have gone into it.

Apr 5, 2013

Nerun's Distro is a distribution for RunUO 2.5 centered on the settlement of the game, using the Premium Spawner engine. Easy to use, this distro includes spawns for a 100% spawned world: Felucca, Trammel, Ilshenar, Malas, Tokuno and Ter Mur. Tutorials in english and portuguese.

Tested with:
  • Classic Client up to
  • RunUO 2.4 and 2.5
Google Code Project Link (Download SVN)

DropBox (Download Click-and-Play servers)


Click in Updates.

PS.: for a complete changelog, please read Changelog.pdf file inside zip.

INSTALLATION from zip file
1) Download Distro by clicking in Download button above. You will get a file.

2) Distro is zipped into that ZIP file. Unzip with any software you wish.

3) Inside that ZIP there is 7-ZIP file. Unzip it. Download 7-zip software from this LINK HERE. Or, you can use WinRAR v4.0 or higher to unzip 7z files.

4) Follow instructions from 7 to 9 in Installation from SVN Repository bellow.

INSTALLATION from SVN Repository
1) First download a SVN tool, if you don't have one already. I am using TortoiseSVN (Windows). For Linux, try RabbitVCS, it's a clone of Turtoise, with Nautilus integration. But as i use Mate, i prefer RapidSVN, easy and simple.

2) Somewhere on your screen right click your mouse and you will come up with your options as you normally would and select SVN Checkout. See pic below.

3) Then you will be given a program box that looks like this:

4) Enter "" (without quotes) in the URL of Repository box. Below that, in Checkout directory, enter where you want the whole system to be downloaded to, such as C:\NerunsDistro.

5) Click ok and allow it to completely download till it is done. It will say updated to revision xxx when done.

6) Go to your Checkout directory. Right click it. Select TortoiseSVN > Export. And export it to somewhere in your Windows.

7) Inside your exported folder, you will see 1 folder and 5 files:
+ Distro for RunUO 2.5​
. Changelog.pdf​
. Premium Spawner Tutorial (EN-rev).txt​
. Premium Spawner Tutorial (PT-BR).txt​
. SpawnIDs Table.xls​

8) Of course, read the READ-ME file FIRST. It will told you to open the folder for the RunUO version you want.

9) If you want to run it with RunUO 2.4 or 2.5 open the folder "Distro for RunUO 2.5":
a) Copy "Data" and "Scripts" folder.​
b) Paste them inside your RunUO folder.​
c) When Windows ask if you wants to overwrite/superscribe say "yes to all".​
d) Start the server.​
e) Enjoy!​


You can download a quick-and-play server, so you don't need to know how to install this script in RunUO files.

Download RunUO 2.5 + Nerun's Distro 138

FRESH INSTALL = RunUO + Nerun's Distro only!!!

1) Start Main Spawner System: click in [PremiumSpawner in the Joeku's Toolbar;
2) It will open the Premium Spawner menu;
3) Select Apocalypse now (Clear all facets) under WORLD CREATION, click OK;
4) Select Let there be light (Create world) under WORLD CREATION, select all, click OK;
5) Under SELECT SPAWNS BY EXPANSION, select wich spawn pack do you want to install based upon the UO expansion your server will run, click OK;

1) If you made your own spawns with RunUO before install this distro, you can use Conversion Utility to convert RunUO spawners to Premium Spawners system.
2) Remove the vendors spawned by default in RunUO, because this distro will spawn new vendors, in the right locations: [global remove where spawner.
3) follow steps 4 to 5 in "Fresh Install".

PS.: for more command options read Tutorial.

1.- How do I get rid of the default spawned vendors before running the spawner?
A: [global remove where spawner, it will remove ALL RunUO default spawners, then remember to use [decorate again, to replace the quest spawners. But you can use RunUO vendors, because they are more accurate in amount of vendors. In my distro, the spawners spawn less vendors, because i believe the most of the shards are small and don't need too many vendors, but for OSI accuracy [uoamvendors is better.

2.- Where can i download a version for RunUO 1.0, 2.0 RC2, 2.0 Final, 2.1, 2.2 or 2.3?
A: In my Dropbox Account

3.- The spawns of this system are OSI accurate?
A: Read Spawns Packs - Multiple Eras.

4.- What are OverSeers? How it works?
A: Read here.

You can use the Universal Uninstaller with Rev. 3+. Look at my Dropbox Account.
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Latest updates

  1. Revision 139

    Updated changelog, tutorials and “read-me” instructions.
  2. Revision 138

    RunUO 2.3 and SVN is no longer supported; RunUO 2.4 renamed to RunUO 2.5; Updated Joeku's...
  3. Revision 136

    Updated distro to work with RunUO 2.4 (Rev.135-136).

Latest reviews

Caprichou this time in kara! Congratulations to simplify the directories from version 2.5 ...
Was well received, but the Champ after activating creatures are does not appear.What needs to be modified?
This is a known bug in distro for RunUO 2.4+. I don't know when i will fix it.
Na minha opinião é o melhor script para RunUO
Wonderful spawned package, well used and tested too.
Great Product been using it for a couple years ... Thank you
Been using neruns distro since 2004. Nerun has regularly updated this over the years to support every major version of runuo. Great way to populate a new shard. If your new to UO emulation check out his click-and-play release on his googlecode- its a fully populated world ready to use.