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Ruins & Riches

Ruins & Riches Final

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Ruins & Riches is a single or multi-player adventure game that was liberally assembled and organized by Djeryv for almost a decade. The world consists of elements from various sources of ideas, graphics, maps, and animations, as well as some created by Djeryv. The overall scripting is based on RunUO, but heavily modified by Djeryv to create a new and unique experience. Although built off the Ultima Online Age of Shadows era, the mechanics have been altered to provide new ways of doing things. Some skills that were previously useless now have a purpose. Some unused spells were brought back to life or made to work in a single-player environment. Character class archetypes have been enhanced, providing new ways to play and enjoy the game. The landscape has been changed to provide players a huge area to explore.

This version is Djeryv’s final and complete version of the game. It was branded as “Ruins & Riches” to pay homage to games like classic TSR Dungeons & Dragons, from which much of the methodology originates. The game takes place in an alternate Ultima universe, shortly after the events of Ultima III: Exodus. You can create a character that tries to make their way through many lands. You will have to find a way to feed yourself, and acquire equipment to explore your way around. Everything you need to know can be learned within the virtual environment. Knowledge can be acquired by talking to the citizens of the land, or you may find a book or scroll with clues and other information. There are also some commands you can use to bring up additional information.

I got permission from him to upload this here as he was done working on it and I wanted to bring a RunUO project back to the site from where the source came from. Djeryv was a member here for many years and before that created worlds for Wolfpack and Lonewolf servers. I have played this particular game for years and it is the most complete and detailed UO game ever released to the public. If you want to have a server up and running in a few minutes, this is it. The world is all brand new and there is a ton of stuff to do and places to go. It is fun to play on your own or with friends, and the towns feel alive when you visit them. Very much worth checking out.

The main download contains both the custom client and server. You can click on the More Information to read the user manual ahead of time but it comes in the main download. This is just an archival post so anyone can still get this game. There is no readily available support if you decide to change the game. It is a very good example of what one could do with RunUO!

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Latest reviews

This server package carries on the work developed by Djeryv over the years. Staying very close to it's D&D roots, you can see the passion poured in that is bursting to be explored.

I was worried once Djeryv decided to retire (rightfully so as he has clearly put so much effort into this universe). And with Mangar now at the helm, we are fortunate to see this universe continue to develop. There has been terrific additions that add to the atmosphere of the world and hints of new lands and even more content one can get lost in.

This is the definitive sandbox experience that transcends any other in the world of Ultima. An experience that surpasses many elements of games that came before it. Even the albeit shorter story based elements within the game surpass many in other universes.

It is hard to ask for anything more. Perhaps a more seamless new player experience, new quests, even more lands or atmospheric enhancements. To those that have explored these lands - it is quite easy to get lost and simply want more. This world is a living, breathing amalgamation of what many people wanted Ultima to develop into.

I think time has proven that it's best to leave the development of the package to the vision of the current maintainer and there has been some great additions in that short time. I can only imagine what this package will come to be in the future with a new talented and enthusiastic developer at the helm of the package.

Great UO servers come and go. Many will be forgotten over the years. But, this will remain as something special that will be passed down to new generations of gamers to enjoy one of the greatest adventure experiences to be put together.
Wonderful continuation of a great footnote to Ultima Online's history. Mangar taking Djeryv's work and continuing it forward in small and tasteful changes is wonderful and just the perfect pace for myself, my friends, and my family.

Like Ultima Odyssey (Now Ultima Adventures), it's still Djeryv's original work at it's core, but I feel like it's more focused in scope. Not at all to take away from FinalTwist's work in Adventures, just that I prefer the more nuanced changes here. It's easier for an aging gamer to keep up with!
Probably one of the greatest Ultima Online experiences that will ever be created. Sad the development won't continue but this is a must play for everyone.
This is an impressive effort and a really fun rpg that captures the excitement and nostalgia of playing classic UO