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Soul Binding Evolution Sword 1.0

No permission to download
Took me a little bit to get this just right in my opinion.
What this is, is a weapon that binds to the character so noone else can use. It also evolves while using. (Image below is maxed)
To Bind the weapon just Equip it.

If you have any Ideas/Suggestions, Drop a line down below and let me know.

Originally Scripted by Mortis
Edited/Changed by JBob (ThatDudeJBob)
Changes Made By JBob
    V1.0 --------
    I added the ability to evolve the weapon.
    Changed how the name of the item shows.
    Was "Soul Sword [Bound To Player]"
    or "Iron Soul Sword [Bound To Player]"
    Now "Player's Soul Sword"
          Evolution Points: 0
    Added Name Property to have [Un-Bound] on a new line along with the Evolution Points
    V1.1 --------
    V1.2 --------
    V1.3 --------
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