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Spell Bar BETA Ver. 4.5

No permission to download
This is stable and functional, but missing a lot of planned improvements. I'm submitting for people to try out and report any problems or make suggestions for improvements

What is it
A spell hot bar system similar to Djeryv: Spell toolbars. [ Link: ]
I used his script as a base but expanded it to include all 7 types of magic: magery, necro, chiv, bushido, ninjitsu, spellweaving, and mysticism.
All spells are combined into one hotbar.

To use
*This version will not work on Runuo, unless you have added Mysticism.
**See link for alternate downloads that have Mysticism and/or WildFire, DryadAllure, and ArcaneEmpowerment disabled:

This system is completely plug and play.
Note: It does not include Core Expansion checks yet.

Players will need to have a SpellBarScroll in their backpack and double click to open selection gump.

So far I have not extended checks, so if a player doesn't have, for example, a Necromancy book in the pack, the option to add Necromancy to the hotbar will still show up in the selection gump, but then they open the hotbar no Necro spells will show.

Added with BETA Ver. 3
- Multiple rows are now supported, up to three rows
- Switchable hotbar - it can now be vertical or horizontal: setting will save if you close and reopen the hotbar
- Minimize option
- Lock option - set so hotbar cannot be moved or closed, will still disappear if you enter house edit mode to prevent problems, lock option resets to unlocked if closed/reopened

Added with BETA Ver. 4
- options menu - with customizable size of hotbar and reset button
- restricted selection - prevents problems with button placement
- alpha area when certain Bushido/Ninjitsu moves/spells are selected.
- added more tooltips but they're not complete yet

Added with BETA Ver. 4.5
- added support for 4th row

Planned updates
- Adding Tooltips for all spell icons (add Clumsy to your hotbar and hover over the icon, if you have Tooltips enabled then it will pop up telling you the icon is for Clumsy)

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