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Tillerman Gump 2.1

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I was looking to improve my old Sea Navigator... I felt the look could be improved along with the actual "steering" part of the gump. I came across the one by Evany by accident...

...and decided to modify their gump as it removed the necessity that mine had to have an item in your pack to use the gump. So almost all credit goes to Evany as that is the base in which I came up with this one.

What it does is you double-click your Tillerman and this gump will pop up allowing you to navigate your ship with ease. You can overlay this gump over your own minimap as shown in the picture. You can pick the size of the gump to go over the small or large minimap. You click the red diamonds to go in that direction. The three gray arrows allow you to turn the ship left, right, or to come about. The red flag allows you to stop and the gray tab on the right side allows you to switch between the small and large gump. Obviously...the wooden part allows you to rename the ship, drop/raise the anchor, and use the one-step option for movement.

At the top of both "BaseBoat.cs" and "Tillerman.cs", put...

using Server.Gumps;

In "BaseBoat.cs", in the "public void EndDryDock( Mobile from )" section, add...

from.CloseGump( typeof( TillerManGump ) );

In "Tillerman.cs", in the "OnDoubleClick" section, change it to this...

public override void OnDoubleClick( Mobile from )
            if ( m_Boat != null )
                if( m_Boat.Owner == from || from.AccessLevel >= AccessLevel.Administrator )
                    if( m_Boat.Contains( from ) )
                        from.SendGump( new TillerManGump( from, m_Boat, false ) ); //m_Boat.BeginRename( from );
                        m_Boat.BeginDryDock( from );
                else from.SendLocalizedMessage( 501023 ); // You must be the owner to use this item

Then put the included "TillerManGump.cs" somewhere in your scripts section. That's it.

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