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[2.0] World Travel Atlas


[2.0] World Travel Atlas

World Travel Atlas - Travelbook

Exactly what it sounds like. Zip around the shard with ease with almost every major location included.
The script has all locatons in string format for easy updating to your shards particular hotspots.

This script is the string version of publicmoongate.cs script found on the RunUO forums.
I changed it to be portable, added many new locations, changed the pic to a bod book and added a
gm level command "pod2" so staff does not have to carry the book.

Many of the locations were copied from Traveling Books script by Broze The Newb

Due to the new command, this script will not work on RunUO 1.0.

Re-submitting for 2.0 due to popular appeal.
This book does allow players to travel from jail and other restricted areas currently.
If there is demand for it to be updated let me know and i will try :)

Included are Trammel citys, Trammel dungeons, Felucca citys, Felucca Dungeons, Ilshenar citys and dungeons, Malas locations, and Tokuno locations.


  • BookOfTravel.cs
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Sparkin said:
havent found pelops for 2.0 , is it still in the works?

Yes, still working on Pelops for 2.0.

The scripts for 1.0 pelops work fine in 2.0, they gust give a message about the textentry info each time the gump is refreshed and it opens multiple gumps.
I have traced both of these problems to how i converted the textentry originally.
Very minor change to the script is all that seems needed.

I plan/hope to have it out today :)
There are no serialization changes, so players collections are safe.


how do you use it?

im new to all this and was wondering after i copyed it to my customs directory and restarted my server how do i add it?


grim2720 said:
im new to all this and was wondering after i copyed it to my customs directory and restarted my server how do i add it?

use [add BookOfTravel or use command [pod2 in game while logged in on staff character

If you want players to have them, you could add them to a spawner or add them to backpacks of newly created characters by editing charcreation.


Hello can anyone help me pls
This is WTA other look , for house place , and reload with PowderOfTranslocation
the problem is after restart
World: Loading...An error was encountered while loading a saved object
- Type: Server.Items.CrystalMoongateSmall
- Serial: 0x4003EA40
Delete the object? (y/n)


  • CrystalMoongateSmall.cs
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