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A thank you for anyone still around to find it


I started playing uo when I was around 12 (2002). Not terribly long after, I started a family shard and enjoyed several years of scripting and world/mul manipulation. Because of my introduction to programming here, I went to school for a comp sci dual degree and am now a programmer for a small but quite successful company.

My dad mentioned he had fun playing the other day, so out of curiosity I decided to check the forums to see what was going on in the world. I'm saddened that the project doesn't have the same level of activity it used to, but I suppose nothing lasts forever.

So, to any of the team members or other contributors still around...thank you.
Almost a year ago I learned the basics of scripting as an outlet. Now I spend a pretty fair amount of time working various scripts and systems. As a result I have been thinking of college for programming and a career change myself. Or at least some extra money on the side from flash or phone games.

Glad to hear this project had such a profound influence on your life. It looks like a few others have similar stories. I wish I had found this community back in 2002.


Reading this thread made me realize I never actually shown appreciation and gratefulness for the wonderful contribution RunUO was and still is. So, from the bottom of my heart thank you.

Like many I dreamed of having a shard that mirrored my ideas of a fun, a shard where I could create and share stories with the world and so for a few years I worked on my own server, but never actually got the chance to actually see it go live. Eventually I ended up giving up, I guess in a way I became disappointed because I never got to feel that my work was appreciated, something that I think everyone desires. Still, to this day RunUO continues to be a passion to and sometimes I still play with the idea of creating a whole new game from this, but it would require a level of dedication that I cannot afford - I gota eat and pay the bills. :p

Anyway, that's my 2cents


Yea i know that feel xD
My server is closed for about 1 year now, as only one person shown interest, but one player gets bored pretty quickly...
We each have our own perception of the perfection, which means a shard might be better at our eye than it is to the other.

And you are right, we all have our life to maintain :p


I would urge everyone to not give up on things; I was a player from day one on Ultima Online (1997), then on free shards, then found RunUO. What began as an obsession for playing UO turned into a hobby of designing and implementing my own ideas. I am self-taught in C# and RunUO, have dabbled in most areas of the code, extensively re-written some areas, and it has become my hobby. Some day in the not too distant future I hope to open my server, but I'm in no hurry because frankly I enjoy the process of making it. I hope the community stays in place because no matter our age, geographic location, or status in life we are all united by our common interest/(obsession?).

Alyssa Dark

obsession? lol yeah I can see that, when rl permits...

this is also a hobby for me, lot of self teaching along the way as well with a lot of help from many others, so thanks to everyone else here who shares info and helps point us in the right direction :)


Hey there. I started in 2004 and quit just 3 years ago with everything I thought... But anyway, for me as an artist Ultima brought me back to what I can do best: Artwork. So I started over again with a new project, found some guys who still believe that a very good and enhanced Ultima Online is simply the best RP you can play online and now I am back in business :D
But for dealing with everything, the server, the development of new scripts etc it is very good to have a nice community which helps you in urgency and with whom you can share your impressions and the stuff you learned during development.

And here I am and yeah guys, you are very friendly :)

Thanks for that and for the good advices :)

Btw: Ultima is also an hobby for me, but as with any of my hobbies I spend as much time as possible with it.