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"An Corp" The Community


Been a log time. Just happened to be going through some old yahoo email archives from 2005. Clicked it and to my pleasant surprise not only does it still exist but it's making a comeback?!? Nice! Looking forward to it and good luck!


Its a dream?

Im finishing compress my Shard to put it on-line using ServUO, because this community are active on last months, like i seems on all UO community.

ServUO have any problems and modifications that i dont like, but are what we have support for now

You are comming back with your a atualized emulator?
Have a estimated time to that?

Depends of your response i will stop all for now to wait you!
Thank you very much and wellcome back!


Its a dream?

It seems so. Ryan seems to have disappeared again.

It might have been a whiskey or two too much at the beginning of December and the "run" on's service was pressed :D

1. HTTPS hasn't been fixed.
2. Same introduction page "we will be back in 2021".
3. Owner hasn't spoken in 2 months.
4. No goal was set. (more than we need people)

Well, it is a good/important source for information about RunUO. It should be set to a read-only mode so the spambots don't destroy it.

..and if I'm wrong I would be extremely happy.