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Another player command - [BodInfo


Another player command - [BodInfo

From the creator of [BondInfo, comes now another player command, [BodInfo.

Similar to the bonding command I made a while back, this command will tell the player exactly how long it is until the next bod is ready for pick-up. I made this because even if the Blacksmith tells you how much time remaning, he will tell you 1 hour regardless of whether its 58 minutes or 2 minutes.

How it works:
  • - Command handle: [bodinfo
    - Returns a message how much time remaining until a new bod is ready
    - Displays the time remaining for both Smith and Tailor Bod in hours, minutes and even seconds
    - Tells the player that a new bod is ready for pickup if the timespan equals 0.

Drop in customs and reboot.

Hope it may come in handy to someone. :)


  • BodInfo.cs
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When installing/rebooting, I yielded this message.
[FONT=Consolas][COLOR=#e6e6e6]CS0246: Line 19: The type or namespace name 'CommandEventArgs' could not b[/COLOR][/FONT][FONT=Consolas][COLOR=#e6e6e6]e found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)[/COLOR][/FONT]

using Server.Commands;
at the top (it = line #7)

CS0234: Line 15: The type or namespace 'Register' does not exist in the namespace 'Server.Commands'

Commands.Register( "BodInfo", AccessLevel.Player, new CommandEventHandler( BodInf:confused:nCommand ) );

By comparing to your [BondInfo, I just changed Commands.Register to CommandSystem.Register in that line.

Works like a charm now, thanks!