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AssistUO crash

When i have started the server and then run AsisitUO, ether instantly, or short there after, it crash.
I manage to log in, and take a few steps, then i crash.
The gameserver is not affected, its still running on as if nothing happened, well it say i got disconected, but thats all.

My AssistUo versionis is v1.0.0 RC8 Build 15
And UO is the latest version
RunUO version is 2.3

Got a followup question, i saw somewhere, that someone mention there is a 2.5 version, or at least i think i did, i have looked all over for it, but cant find it, wouldndt be the first time im blind if i missed it:)

Hope someone can give me some help.
I started a new character, and started in New Haven, i ran around there for a while, then i went outside in the forest, all was ok.
I then went to the moongate and traveled to Britan, came in and no problem untill i come to the same place as the first character, that happen to be by the bridge just befor the castle (betwean the bank and the castle), after this i manage to get back in and take a few steps, befor it crash again, and after that its no chance to get in again, with that character.

I cant make head or tail of this.