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Creating a Custom Map


Hello, everyone. I've read the guidelines and agree to uphold them as best I can, and I have actually tried doing 80% of it myself for all intents and purposes.

Onto business, and thank you in advance for those who took the time out of their day/night/etc to respond to this thread. Patience IS a UO Virtue, its just a shame no one tries to include it.

Corny jokes aside, Orbsydia has went down, and alot of the map applications for UO have gone under and said map needs to be made for a good amount of people for a pure Roleplay Shard. Now, I suspect someone is going to yell: "N00b/<Expletive> RPer". Don't think I'm bothered, been dealing with that for sixteen years but its my thing. So.

Can anyone assist? All I want is to make a place for a custom city, several areas to explore and plenty of places to go and hunt for gatherings and mayhap host many a custom script. We've got 7 people reading up on C#, but may come back here in the future. ...I pray not, but thats mostly because we've got the "For dimwits version".

I was a seer and scripter on a shard a few years ago, but my memory went Pfffft as I got older. Hate that!


Hello again! I checked this forum post and I would like to say thank you for the details given and thank you for giving a bit of your time to help me.

Anything else you can suggest in advice or anything of the sort would be a big help.