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Custom map making issues


Well I'm having a Z axis issue. I used Photoshop CS6 to create my map, and Dragonmod 11 to compile. I opened the map with Centred to create my towns and dungeons. I finished one town, and just for giggles I opened a local server to check out in game. Upon doing this I found out that my land Z axis became -5 , but when I opened it back up with centred it says 0. I am unable to walk around on land and shows my toon under a land tile in game. Is there a way I can fix this? Any help will greatly be appreciated.


Update: So I tried using mapgenerator2 as well. I can run around for a few tiles until I get stopped or I fall through a tile. When I command props the tiles some say they are sand impassable or forest impassable etc. It seems that the previous original fel land is still there. I followed the "how to make a custom map from beginning to end" faq to the tee. I'm not sure what else to do.


Hello there! I've got one possible solution for you to try, but its a little bit more conceptual. I had that same problem up until a scripter friend (Quite literally) slapped me upside the head and went into my DataPath.


public class DataPath
/* If you have not installed Ultima Online,
* or wish the server to use a separate set of datafiles,
* change the 'CustomPath' value.
* Example:
* private static string CustomPath = @"C:\Users\<PCname>\<Areaname\<Foldername>";
private static string CustomPath = @"C:\Users\<PCname>\<Areaname>\<Foldername>";
Now obviously you must have hooked up your path settings individually, but he pointed out both private static strings need to be individually placed onto the map/file locations on your system. There can be no "Null" notes on those particular strings. It is -not- a foregone conclusion, but give it a try.
Helped me anyway. Good luck!



No, sir/madame. See these red squares, here? Make sure they are both simply pointed over to the folder that you are using to host your RunUO. No specific file, just the folders themselves. Both Private Static Strings must be pointing to the same folder to fix your Z issue.

For reference, my files are on my desktop for ease of convenience, you might have yours elsewhere.


no. only the last one in those 2, the first one is commented out (it is in a /* * * * * */ command stuff)