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Custom Map Questions and Errors


Hello Everyone,

I have been on and off with UO for a great number of years. A time a go I made the map from a novel I wrote...and did not back it up. I had created castles and landscape and was almost finished. Then lost everything. I was bitter for many years (at myself mind you). Now however I would really like to start that project up again.

For starting I have two questions.

First is regarding Dragon. Is it the case that Dragon can only mod map0? If that is the case how does one make a custom map for map 32 and so on?

Secondly I downloaded Ultima Live as it sounds awesome and by the reviews from everyone here it is amazing. I followed the directions and after making hours of mistakes (I am very new to this) I finally got no errors on start up. I did however get an error when I tried to go to map32. The error was "Unknown facet 32". I checked the install instructions again and again and I cannot seem to find what is wrong. So rather than asking someone to to try to guess where I messed up I would like to ask if someone could give a simple (as simple as scripting can be) walk through to adding a custom map. If there is something simple that I may have done wrong please let me know.

Thanks very much all and good hunting! or building!

You Said No Errors,Made a copy of map0.mul, staidx0.mul, and statics0.mul. and changed to Map 32 IE: map32.mul, staidx32.mul and statics23.mul. ?
so you did get the "m_Definitions.Add(32, new MapDefinition(32, new Point2D(7168, 4096), new Point2D(5120, 4096))); // Custom Example in right?
OK And GM used the goto map32 command right? and got a no facit found

I then went into my properties on my gm, and set his Map at Map 32 ... or the name you gave your map 32.
That fixed it for me, but may not be the wright way, it just worked
For more info I've loaded the PDF guide.


  • UltimaLive User Guide.pdf
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Dragon can only do 6144x4096 so what one would have to do for smaller maps is use a program like UOMapCopy or RadMapCopy which you could probably find on still - you'd simply draw the map within the size limitations and then copy it to Ilshenar, Malas, or Tokuno.

However, it looks like you're trying to use a pre-UOML map at a definition of 7168x4096, so you either need to set it back to 6144x4096 or get the UOML map extender to convert a 6144x4096 map to 7168x4096.

Also, you have to use the amount of maps built into the client, which is five (felucca, trammel, ilshenar, malas, tokuno) unless you're using Stygian Abyss.

There are ways around this and the map size limitations, but it requires hex editing the client, and from I gather that is rather frowned upon.

Hope it helps.


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