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Forum Rules and Guidelines

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Forum Rules and Guidelines


  • Be respectful of others. Not everyone has the same amount of experience with computers, programming or scripting.
  • All new users should familiarize themselves with these rules. These are to be followed at all times in order to ensure a productive and stable environment for RunUO to exist.
  • Before you ask a question, search the forums for your answer. In the beginning this may not help but later on it will save us time and energy.
  • Do not spam or advertise on these forums.
  • Use the forums properly; utilizing the topic field correctly is a must... posts that are started with URGENT or HELP ME or I CANT FIGURE THIS OUT (or similar things) will be deleted.
  • Be sure to use the proper forum for posting your requests/or discussions. Improper posts again will be removed.
  • Do not repeatedly post your message if it has been deleted.
  • We do not permit flaming anywhere on these forums.
  • Do not post the same topic in multiple forums.
  • If you haven't received a reply to your question do not keep bumping it. Either someone doesn't know the answer or you were too general in asking. Try to provide more detail in order to get an answer.
  • If your post should get locked, opening a new topic will result in being banned.
  • We will not condone the trading of software on these forums. If you want to trade software, go elsewhere (yes this is our software piracy disclaimer). This goes for MUL files; Client files anything on your UO CD, or any other program by any other vendor that is not freely distributable.
  • Do not use these forums in order to promote other projects. These forums are solely for RunUO and its associated software.


  • Being a member of is a privilege. This privilege may be withdrawn at any time by any of the staff should they find you breaking these simple rules.
  • Please SEARCH the forums before posting about a problem you may be experiencing. There is a bright red 'Search' button at the top-right of every forum page. It is very likely that your question or problem has been solved before.
  • When posting a problem with the RunUO software, please make sure it is in the right forum. If it is a problem with the software (that is, it isn't a script-related problem), you should place it into the RunUO Server Support forum. If it is a script-related problem, please put it in the RunUO Script Support forum. Do not post support threads anywhere else.
  • Do not request scripts anywhere on the forum. Attempt to write it yourself, the friendly master scripters of the Script Support forum will be glad to help out, and you will learn something from it.
  • The FAQ forum is not for people to answer your questions. No one can reply in the FAQ forum, so posting a topic would be pointless. This forum is for you to write a FAQ (frequently asked question) and its answer for people who might have this question.
  • Do not flame anyone under any circumstances. It doesn't matter if it's in response to a 'stupid post' (if it was, the forum moderators will take care of it, you need not worry) or if a submitted script is a very simple one, we do not tolerate flaming on these boards.
  • Don't bump posts. "Bump" means posting on a thread for the sole purpose of bringing it to the top of the thread listing. If your thread is in a support forum, please be patient and someone will eventually help you. Not everybody is here around the clock.
  • Some people do not know all the computer terminology, or may not have the same knowledge of RunUO as yourself. Be nice to these people. You were new once, too. Do not flame them. Instead, accept you know more about RunUO than they do, and perhaps even share your knowledge with them!
  • Do not spam. Spam is considered to be:
    (A) Replying with things that are irrelevant to the topic,
    (B) Posting many times in a small amount of time, or,
    (C) replying with one-word posts.
  • All Ultima Online/RunUO non-support related topics should go into the 'RunUO Discussion' forum. All off-topic topics should go into the 'Starbucks @' forum.
  • When posting bugs, please make sure the bug has not been already posted/solved in another post. Also, please state what version of RunUO the bug is for in the topic (example: [Beta 33r2] Dogs Eat Cats)
  • Don't make the same post in more than one forum. Please just post it in the forum it's supposed to be in. If it could fit in more than one forum, just pick one and stick with it.
  • Don't make new posts for people to read (Example: Ryan, read this!) Private Messages are available for a reason, use those to contact people.
  • Don't tell people to search for an answer. Please just reply with a helpful answer.
  • If you are not a Moderator, don't try to moderate. Instead provide helpful direction or simply move on to another thread.


  • Posts which do not adhere to these rules may be edited, locked or deleted, at the discretion of the moderators or administrators.
  • Users may be banned at any time at the discretion of the moderators or admins.
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