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Glad to be back.


Hopefully i still have this old-long-lasting avatar.
I guess i should not even think about changing it xD


Hey Doc, been meaning to reply here... but wanted as well to see if this was serious or just some fun.

Anyways, I cant begin to imagine the darkness you had been going through. I had a brother die when I was younger and i ruined me for several years, cant/dont want to imagine what if's about my wife of now 12+ years.

Seems you are strating to get a handle on things again though, and really shows your strength man, seriously. So, even though I am just a nobody to you, I want to just throw out there, I apologize for anything I may have said to offend you in the past months, honestly. Your a good person, and have been showing that more and more every day I see your posts here and over at ServUO.

If theres anything you need man, we are here for you.

One day at a time bro, its all you can do :)

Yeah it was tough. Especially how I found her, but I'm getting less angry and doing better with time.

Thanks for the very kind words. :)
I have to say thanks againn, I've never had too many compliments nor deserved them. Since I stopped hitting the bottle, I kinda found better things to do and it had got to the point where I got in some trouble as well as ending up in the hospital a week for it. I have blood pressure issues that can be managed, but no drinking is part of it. I guess that's what changed me a little. I can't lie and say I don't miss it, but it hasn't done much good for me.

Since I came back a lot more people are talking to me that didn't before and that has been really nice.

Thanks again. Look forward to much better times on all boards.



I could say some similar things, was a serious drunk for many years too.. had more close calls and near misses, bar brawls, devistations... got out of at least 8 shoulda been duii's.. somewhere along the road I finally gave it up. my problem was the first drink was a primer, couldnt stop till I was passed out or broke or both.. good times..
now, I can drink a beer and actually think, thats some nasty tastin shit.. lol I still have my isues.. but I can at least recognize them. thats somthing, i guess.
Bad back keeps me stoned by the doc.. but whatever, could be worse.
I hear you. I can not drink for a year, but if I pick up one.. I'm not stopping and it cost me pretty big this time. I made that joke about going to county last year... well I did after awhile (somme would love to hear that lol). I'd NEVER drive and I don't even remember getting in the car. A few hour AFTER I was stopped they did blood work and I was at .210 and am going to court soon.

But yeah I was the same. I joined the military at 19 and got stuck in North Dakota working on nukes and there was nothing there to do so everyone got trashed whenever off duty. Needless to say it cost me a few marriages and then when I found the right one she passed so I used that as an excuse..

But brighhter days are ahead even though court is coming. I'll get slapped pretty tough here, but will have a permit to go back/forth to work, school and all. I've been through 10x worse :) Gotta keep smiling.


... when i finally got nailed, stopped at a 7-11 near almost home like an idiot, parked sideways in the lot, passed out at the wheel.. never made it inside from a 14 hour binge.. blew a .27 over an hour later, at least 3 hours after my last drink.

I was a stealth bouncer ata local club, so free drinks. I guess it wasnt a good thing, looking back, lol

yeah... wish that was made up..
Lol yeah that's like living in the barracks... you'd come in from work and half the dorm room doors were open with parties and the day room usually was pugil stick fighting.. we'd take a few matresses of the beds and put them on the ground below the side stairs outside and jump from the 2nd or 3rd floor down.

When spring rolled around the missile squadron barracks and the b-52 bomber barracks next to us would open windows and have paintball gun fights. One guy had a PA system and we'd do crazy stuff with that. Needless to say the security police were always being called lol.

Yep America, that's the people who were handling 150 of your Minuteman III nukes and the bombs from B-52's... seriously though on duty everything was all business :)


I could see us having gotten into a lot of great trouble, had we been friends ;)

Sometimes I really wonder in amazement at how I am sitting here in as good of shape I am in, all things considered.

I might have to get you on my shard at some point. Its starting to come back to life actually after about 5 year hiatus..
Got a few good people devoted again, my custom map is starting to breath life again. I will take that over a Rum n Coke any day :)
I heard that. I find a lot of relief creating things and seeing them work. Plus the time involved cuts out a lot of sitting around thinking "Oh, a beer would be great right now." :)