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Has RunUO Been Abandoned?

Ok seriously where is everyone? Ryan has not been seen nor heard from in forever. I mean...friends of mine and I have all sent emails with no response. The search bar has been broken for forever, general programming is over ran with bots, and so much more!!! I love RunUO and I hate to see it like this.


Im seriously numb and null of any emotion or participation to this subject at this point.. Ive tried contacting him too.

Only real concern I have left at this point, is if Ryan and his family are Okay at least. Id hate to find out that was any part of this.

So with that, Hope you are well Ryan.


I have sent Ryan a tweet and RunUO a tweet, and emailed.
He is still active on Twitter so still around, I might resort to tracing the domain and seeing if his contact details are public.


Last I knew, he was due to meet Garriot as Lord of the Manor backer level and discuss SotA, which I know he is passionate about - he has probably seen the future in that game and lost interest in RunUO, in much the same way players can lose interest in a shard if nothing changes - and Ryan usually doesn't have the time to carry out tasks personally, that's why he hired people like Mark to keep things running smoothly - with Mark no longer around, and no successor to replace him in sight, any ambition Ryan has for RunUO is probably at an all-time low.
I don't think he is letting this place go to waste intentionally, it is probably a case of checking up on it, realising it needs a lot of work, then doubly realising he hasn't the time to do it himself, or find someone to do it and losing motivation - it's easier to hit the X and put it off till next week in that case.

We'd really have to hear it from the man himself though, even though he has made mistakes in the past (we all have), I still don't think he would intentionally neglect RunUO.


Im sure your pretty close to whats up. Thats kinda how I have imagined it too.

I wonder what the furure of emulating SOTA will hold.. ? I could imagine having that game engine with the game mechanics of Ultima being pretty awesome. I would imagine Richard has to be careful how close he makes SOTA to Ultima, since he doesnt have the rights or ownership to Ultima as far as I know.

Makes me wonder too, if there might be something like this already brewing with Ryan.. if any discussion of this has been made between him and the SOTA team.. Being he has made some pretty big contributions and is owner of RunUO I wouldnt rule it out completely..