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Help understanding and creating custom items.


I have been searching for a tutorial on how to create basic custom items/mobs but I cant find this information anywhere. I know a little C++ so I can read the C# programming language and understand it enough to make some changes but the basics of where the materials to build with come from eludes me.

Example 1: Say I wanted to turn a patch of campion flowers into a simple custom teleporter.
Example 2: I want to make a pink or purple dragon with 100 million HP.
Example 3: How does a moongate work? What triggers the teleport gump?

My question is where do I get a copy of the original file (campion flowers/Regular Dragon) from?
Where do I make the changes (in the game with something like [Props or in the c# script code)?
What is the best way to save the completed custom item so it will show on Pandora's Box?
where do I find information on what server.include (using Server.Items) files do what?
I hope I didn't ask too much in one post. I have been searching the forums for days now and I keep finding little bits of information here and there but it's not enough for me to put together an get a clear understanding from.:D