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Holy sh....

Our UO community is small as is without being raped by these damned bots. People see this with no mods or owners to help and they will run for the hills.
Yeah, don't see the mods around as much it seems. There was a time many years ago I could barely speak without getting yelled at by one. But I deserved it most of the time. That bot has really done a number on script support. I imagine XenForo has the option to remove posts when you ban a user.


If I had the permissions, I'd sit all day (or night in my case) & remove the damned things while going ban happy. lol I'm just glad to see the current rape session ended. Still feel like I need a very looong shower though.


I agree Hammerhand Runuo needs you to wipe out these spambots before they can even start taking over a forum. Sure hope Eos takes note of my pm for the General Program forum :/