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How do others log into my shard?


How do others log into my shard?

So you've gotten your server setup and you can login yourself. Awesome. But how do other people log on and play? Well you can give the IP,Port,and Patches our via 1v1 communication, or a website. Or you can List on UOGateway.

Now the first way that I am going to describe is making a public serverlist entry on UOGateway.
First thing first, whats your ip? Visit It will tell you your IP number.
What is the port your using? The default port is 2593, if you havent changed anything, or have no clue what a port is, its the default port, 2593.
Now start up your server, make sure it is running fully and you can login.
Visit and on that site, enter your shards port (2593 remember?)

Now if it says it can see you, then your good to go. If not then you need some more help, Find an article about Port Forwarding (pretty advanced stuff) Or ask someone else for help.

Now if it can see you, visit and click on the "Add your server" button.
Read the rules, its to your benefit, people do check the list and if your in violation, your shard will be disabled.
Enter your e-mail and click "Yes, I accept these rules!"
Now visit your e-mail and open the e-mail that was sent
Now visit again and click the "Edit Your Server" button.
Login with the information you recieved in the E-mail
You will then see a new page with alot of empty fields
First of all, change your password to something you will remember.
Enter the Name of the shard, Shard Discription, and your IP Address and the Port, It will ask you for other information about your shard as well.
If you dont know about some information, you should ask someone. (If you use Runuo or Sphere, Remove Encryption)

If you have patches for your shard (new hues or map or other) read this section, if not, skip it.
We are going to assume that you already have your patches ready.
UOGateway can only read rar files. So goto and download the latest windows version.
Now RAR all your patch files.
Upload them to your webhost (I suggest using the same host as your website)
Now enter the link to the patch and include the http:// (example
(make sure the link works and they are in a rar file or people wont be able to log onto your shard)

Now click "Save Settings" and wait 30 minutes and your shard should be on the UOG serverlist (on the UOG program click "Public Servers")

If it doesnt show up after an hour, go back to the "Edit Your Shard" page on the UOG website and see if you have an error.
Post for help on the UOG messageboards

Second Way
I strongly suggest going the first way, but I will list this here for private shards and the such.
Send out your IP Address and Port number and patches to everyone who will play your shard. Tell them to enter it in UOG like you did for your local server, only tell them to use your IP instead of the

For patches, they must put these in their UO directory (Folder in which UO is installed)
Remember to tell them to make backups of them or it will mess up when they try and play other shards. (like EA pay shards)
If you dont want to use UOG then tell them to find the Login.cfg file and open it in notepad and change it like the example in "How do I login to my local server" using your IP instead of the IP.
How do I login to my local server? How do I login to my local server?

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