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How To Download and Compile the RunUO SVN


How To Download and Compile the RunUO SVN

Note that these instructions are specific to Windows.

1. Download and install Tortoise SVN.


2. Create an empty folder to hold your local copy of the SVN code. Right click it and select "SVN Checkout".

3. For URL of repository, use:

4. Select "OK". The newest version of the RunUO core and script base will now download to your computer.

5. Now you want to create a working directory (you don't want to mess with the SVN repository you just downloaded because that is where you will store all the updates the RunUO team makes). So create a new directory. Then right click the original SVN directory and select "Tortoise SVN/Export". For the directory choose the new directory you just made. Now you will have a copy of the SVN that you can use to make all your edits and changes to.

6. Now you need to compile the core. The easiest way to compile the SVN:

Create a batch file as below. Modify the drive/path as needed. Place it in your server root directory (same directory as the "Data" and "Scripts" directory. Run it to compile. You don't even need to have Visual C# installed for this to work.

del server.exe
c:\windows\\Framework\v2.0.50727\csc.exe /unsafe /out:Server.exe /recurse:server\*.cs /win32icon:Server\runuo.ico

"Server.exe" is now created.

7. There are 2 files that you need are not included in the SVN but they are in the downloadable version of RunUO. The files are zlib32.dll and zlib64.dll. Copy these over to your server root directory (same directory as the "Data" and "Scripts" directory.

8. Run Server.exe to start your server.

You'll want to periodically check the SVN for updates. To do this, just right click your SVN folder and select "SVN Update".
Hello Hellrazor,

It's not the first time i open a server but last time i had some problems with my connection and then due to short time left for this gave up.
The problem is that this time my svn download is giving some internal errors and i dont know how to resolve them , can u help me?
basically when i do the checkout into a empty folder , after the updating it gives internal error: can't find a temporary directory...


I tried to download this yesterday and today and it is still down. Is there a mirror somewhere? Does anyone have a local copy of the latest SVN they would like to share?
I am unable to figure out how to make the server. I have tried to batch like in step 6 but I am not doing something right.. can anyone help?
I guess I don't understand how to create the batch to make the server.exe... I know that sounds dumb but ill be honost I just dont understand.. very Green


Create file compile.bat, insert that code there, then execute it. Or click Start button, choose Execute, type "cmd" there. Command prompt will be opened. Go to RunUO folder (using "cd path_to_runuo" command), perform step 6 commands.


If you want a prespawned world (with all the monsters), you will need a spawner package such as nerun's, otherwise you will have to place all the spawners yourself throughout the world (although I believe runuo has some vendors in place by default if you run the [vendorgen command.
I have a question about the whole stated in another thread I am just starting to learn about the whole SVN thing..when you download it into a have 3 new folders....server, data and the scripts folder and data folder need to be inside the server folder before you use the .bat file? Also the one time I did get it to compile properly I replaced the scripts folder and data folder with mine and got a ton of errors...should the scripts I intend to use be in the folder before I compile? i was trying to use the Cassius race system and I cannot get it to work.


No, the bat file should be at the same level as the Server, Data and Scripts folders.

When you run the bat file, it only compiles the core (server folder). Scripts in the Scripts folder are compiled at runtime (i.e. when you run server.exe). Scripts you put in the scripts folder should be ok as long as they are compatible - but I suspect the problem is either that the scripts have not been installed correctly, OR that they are older scripts that may need to be updated.
Some older scripts may not be compatible with the newest SVN without some revisions/changes.

Simon Omega

Does the dev version in svn have requirements between the Scripts and Features of Dev Server?
Can you import the Dev Scripts into RunUO 2.2?

I might try it to see what breaks... If I was going to do it anyway, why did I ask. :-D


Maybe yes, maybe not. It depends on how far SVN from release version. Of course at some moment there will be some core changes which break compatibility with scripts. Anyway it's a bad idea to mix SVN with release and try to fix them. Why don't you take both SVN core and SVN scripts? :)

Simon Omega

If you would like a Batch File for this I just made one.

My Layout:
V:    Drive
  RunUO    Root Project Directory
    devel        Directory that TortoiseSVN Downloads RunUO Dev to
    RunUO-2.2    Release Version of RunUO
    nerun        Directory that TortoiseSVN downloads nerun to
    UOData      UO mul, statics, idx, etc...
    [Other Directories]    Customizations

I set this up in the RunUO (Root Project Directory).
Forum code is removing my @ symbol. so the first line needs to start with an @
echo off
set TODAY=%date:~4,2%_%date:~7,2%_%date:~10,4%
echo Running Compile: %TODAY%
md .\%TODAY%\
c:\windows\\Framework\v2.0.50727\csc.exe /unsafe /out:.\%TODAY%\Server.exe /target:exe /recurse:.\devel\server\*.cs /win32icon:.\devel\Server\runuo.ico /debug+ /debug:full
echo Copying Libraries
xcopy /Q /V /H /R /I .\RunUO-2.2\zlib*.dll .\%TODAY%\
echo Copying Scripts
xcopy /Q /E /H /R /I .\devel\Scripts .\%TODAY%\Scripts\
echo Copying Data
xcopy /Q /E /H /R /I .\devel\Data .\%TODAY%\Data\
echo Done...

It will create a folder with today's date. Compile Server.exe, and copy everything for a basic RunUO server.
Just add additional xcopy commands for nerun and other customizations.

It's written so the Drive Letter, and Root Directory can be anything.


In this day and age where we have Visual Studio, people still resort to batch files? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but to me it just seems like a lot of extra work for no reason. :)

How to compile RunUO in less than 10 minutes?
Download URunUO project set-up from my sig, load it with VS and hit F6 - that will cut out at least 30 minutes of time setting up an SVN client, VS and/or a batch file - and will provide .NET 4.0 support as an added bonus, should you require it.

Simon Omega

Yeah ... hehe ...
* Hides Programer's Notepad and vim *
:rolleyes: * whistle *

I thought Express was for Non-profit. Have to read up on that.