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Interior Decorator Tool Update

Interior Decorator Tool Update

Ok - I searched the forums, the archives, etc, but i was unable to find an Interior decorator Tool with North, South, East & West also on it

So i made one :)

It works (after i sent 1 chest to a z location it could not handle :eek: )

But it is easy to pop in - just overwrite the existing one :)

or if you have one all ready modified - I have well commented the areas that I changed with start and end points

This is my 1st true script that I have modified (other than minor changes)
(but some one propably has beat me to the punch on this one - just can't locate it in the searches)
(I am a VB guy - so learning C# is just a little bit of a curve for me)

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Also a note on using it - you can move stuff to the outside of your house using it - then you can not move them because they are outside of your house :)
I have no Idea of how to check for house boundries (and if there is evan a what to do it)
So if it happens - all you can do is page a GM to move it back

Ok - new one has been uploaded now :D

It has a fix for the mouse overs and other weird stuff popping up on it :) (thanks greystar for that info and how to fix)


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very cool, I was planning to do one myself so you saved me some time hehe I'm gonna try this out later tonight! Thanks for your time and effort :)
you are very welcome

I have seen them like this before on other shards, but could not find the script for it

So like they say - can't find it - make it :D


I discovered when using this that is displays some really funky things in the GetPropeties when you choose one of the alternate directions. I am posting my fix for that here.

		public override void GetProperties( ObjectPropertyList list )
			base.GetProperties( list );

            if ( m_Command == DecorateCommand.North )
                list.Add( "North" );
            else if ( m_Command == DecorateCommand.East )
                list.Add( "East" );
            else if ( m_Command == DecorateCommand.South )
                list.Add( "South" );
            else if ( m_Command == DecorateCommand.West )
                list.Add( "West" );
            else if ( m_Command != DecorateCommand.None )
                list.Add( 1018322 + (int)m_Command ); // Turn/Up/Down


this definitly works its been tested.
before when you click North,South,East,West it would talk about redeeding a skull or something silly on the mouseover props.


I believe HouseRegion.cs is where you will find interfaces to keep track of the boundaries of the house.
Thanks Greystar - i was wondering where some of that weird stuff was coming from - but could not figure it out lol

the new zip file has the changes in it


I just loaded this tool today. It works fabulously; however, the gump menu has the following error(s) when it comes to the new north/south/east/west parts of the gump.

Mega Cliloc

I have looked in the cliloc.enu file and do not see the #s you have listed nor do I see any cliloc #s for north/south/east/west

Did you modify the cliloc to add the #s you are using or did you find another way to make the gump read properly?

If you modified the cliloc file, how would you patch it so that your players will have it as well?


I fingered it out :) So for those of you that are like me, you have to add cliloc #s that will read North/South/East/West. Save the file, rar it up & patch it just like you would patch your maps and what not :)
i did not add to the file at all, so must be that my version of UO has those in there

I am running Mundain's and fully patched - so that must be the difference

ok - se we know must have current client or do what you said to do

sorry about that guys


Thanks. I hadn't realized that I had a outdated/bad UO patch. Had to uninstall & reinstall UO, but now have a valid/current UO patch & the cliloc #s in your script work great :)
no problem at all

i did not realize that NSEW were not in older versions, would have thought they would be since they are common terms