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Is there a GUI based Spawner system?


Hi everyone.

I wanted to ask if there is a gui/graphical based spawner system? I've dabbled in UOX and RunUO over the years but never finished the work I started. :( This time I'm hoping to accomplish my goal of running a shard that is geared more towards socializing and community, and not so much on combat and monster bashing. While there will be less monsters and combat, I would still require wildlife, reagents, crops, townfolk, vendors, etc... Thus I'm hoping there may be a spawner package that makes spawning quick and easy. I'm not talking about pre-designed spawners that mimic the real OSI servers, but a program that allows the user to create spawners fast and easy via a GUI and graphics such as showing the entire map of the world and allowing the admin to draw boxes or circles to represent the specific area a spawner can spawn mobs in, then select the mobs you want spawned and how often the spawner spits out mobs, whether mobs spawned can roam outside of the spawner radius, etc...I've dreamed of a spawner like this back in the very early days of UOX, but I'm not a programmer and thus, it was only wishful thinking. Now that I got the itch to try and run a custom shard again, I'm hoping that someone may have developed a program similar to what I've wished for in the past.