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Knives: Record Items


Hello all,

I have been working on a Project only known as codename 'Blackrock' for quite some time and thought I would make this public, thanks for your time reading this and feel free to post any suggestions.

This is a custom command called 'Record Items' that simply records all non movable items in the current region, saving them to a text file located in your UO server directory called region.txt.

Special thanks to Knives aka Kmwill23


Simply drop into a custom directory in your UO server.
Adds command [recorditems to your server


Jay Keening


  • RecordItems.cs
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This would be great if needed to find certain items/item, will it also give cords with it?
thanks for sharing!


It really is an must have tool for finding those little lost things seem to come around over time. Displays ID and location very neatly in the text file also can be converted to excel.

Type: FarmableLettuce ID: 3254 Location: (1147, 1788, 0)
Type: Static ID: 2324 Location: (1191, 1684, 0)
Type: FarmableCarrot ID: 3190 Location: (1113, 1612, 0)
Type: WildCotton ID: 3151 Location: (1141, 1783, 0)
Type: WildFlax ID: 6809 Location: (1124, 1783, 0)
Type: Wheat ID: 3160 Location: (1158, 1564, 0)


This is a very cool script. Wish it could locate blessed items thou. Also would be nice if it recorded items inside players storage areas, such as inventory and bank.