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LearnUO Encylopedia.


LearnUO Encylopedia.

We would like to introduce our encylopedia at We already have many terms that can be of use to many people. Try it out and see what you think.
We also need help continuing this encylopedia. If you know of any terms that should be added, post them on or here. Just post the name and the content, example:

Name = Runuo

Content = The RunUO project was founded in August of 2002 by Krrios and Ryan. The server started out simply as an application to test Krrios's Ultima Online Client he was writing. It did basic packet work to allow him to simulate the EA Games server. The first notion of this program being successful came when we discovered how smooth the walking engine was. At the time no other emulator even had a close interpretation of the walking in your standard Ultima Online game. We decided if it was this easy to do walking how hard could it be to do other aspects of the game.

Thus RunUO began. We quickly moved from walking and talking to the main skills having been implemented. In just over a year, 36 Beta releases with nearly 5,000 code changes or bug fixes. The RunUO team has delivered solid, stable releases to its community every time. How do we do this? We run a production shard that gets code updates before we release, therefore we test every piece of code before it goes into production and is released to the public. We live by the philosophy if we are going to send it out to you, we are going to use it also. We would never release something we weren't comfortable running and this has proven to provide a solid release every time.

The development cycles of RunUO began with swift major implementations and are now down to the fine tuning of the major subsystems and heading into a final release of the 1.0 series. This marks the first time that any group has come this close to creating an environment so closely matched to the one over one hundred thousand people pay to play today.

One of the large reasons for RunUO's initial success and continued success is without doubt its community. The community behind this project came to us in the beginning because we provided them with something they weren't used to. Attention and rapid development. We paid attention to the users needs within the community and focused on driving home a solid, stable, bug-free software package that would be the forerunner of Ultima Online server software. Our talented development team is unparalleled in this facet of software development and continues to stay up-to-date with the current releases of Ultima Online.

Now, you dont have to be that indepth, but I beleive its a good example. I hope this is of use to many people.