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Light Elves


Well, here they are, the first installment of a set of Elves that are ready to​
drag, drop, and spawn.The Light Elves (called 'high elves') aggro on negative​
karma, and have the following features:​
Immunities to mind altering effects:
Cannot be affected by barding abilities.

Animal Kinship:
Pets refuse to attack on command, and have a fair chance to turn on their owners if forced to fight their 'natural benefactors'.

Armed elves use their weapon's special moves:
Warriors whirlwind and bladeweave with their radiant scimitars, mages block and use force of nature with their wildstaves, archers rain down force and serpent arrows, Clerics crush and concussion blow foes with their mauls, and the knights dismount opponents, then beat them down with concussion blows from their lances.

Intelligent range fighting:
Archers skirmish, and mages take advantage of their spell range, resorting to hand to hand combat only as a last resort.

When not engaged in combat, the High Elves search the surrounding area, coming to the aid of other High Elves when necessary.

Special Mobiles:
High Elf Cleric: keeps a close eye on the status of the High Elves around him/her, and casts mass cure and mass heal spells to keep them in the fight.​
High Elf Knight: rides a tamable warhorse, called the Sylvan Horse.​
Sylvan Horse: tramples opponenets with crushing and concussion blows, occasionally throwing a little firebreath their way. When mounted, Sylvan Horse aids it's rider by calling down lightning upon it's rider's enemies ... over and over again. (when the rider becomes seriously injured). As an added bonus, (temporary) flowers sprout everywhere the Sylvan Horse steps!​
It's not just pixies and unicorns anymore ... Evil players have a new foe!


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