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Maptool for oversized custom map


Hello m309, thank you. Centred+ is a great tool. Works good with my map. It's 4 times the standard map and no problems. I think it's the perfect tool for decorations, building cities, dungeons and smaller landscape changes. So i think i will stick to mapgenerator to export the landscape to mul and then work on it with centred+. Mapgenerator is slow but it's doing it's job. I don't think Dragon can handle larger maps.

If you whant map generator - take a look on Map Maker by Xen. Sure GUI is sloppy, but at least it has it (dragon don't have any GUI at all). But in any case GUI isn't so important as algorithm of map generation, and this tool give much better results than dragon (I speak about seashores, mountains and other), and sure it can create maps for any size you whant.