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New AOS Era Server Looking For Staff


Hello guys and gals,

A few friends and I have started a server and we're looking for another C# developer as well as individuals familiar with the AOS era. The developer position requires a basic understanding of C# and we would prefer bringing on a professional. However, we are also willing to train you if you're willing to put in the time. The other position we're looking to fill would be someone with in-depth experience and memory of the Age Of Shadows. Your task(s) would be making sure the world is as close to the age of shadows as possible.

In the future we'll be replacing the maps that are built into the client that were not available in the age of shadows. We would be using centred or centred+
But this is not an immediate need. That said if anyone wants to build and has experience with centred, we'll gladly bring you into the fold.

You should also know upfront I've written some code that tracks all commands used and we take the integrity of the player economy very seriously and if you are found to be adding items for your player character, or someone else's, or changing their skill levels, or anything of that nature, we will be saying goodbye.

We fully intend on this project to persist through the years, and even through the decades. If you'd like to be a part of it and are willing to work, we've got a home for you.