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new shard


Could you elaborate on "lots of custom stuff"?
Could you elaborate about how to connect to it?
Could you elaborate on what era it is?


Sorceror is how u connect it has daats vip system harvesting cooking pvp system, tree harvesting new
tigers custom mounts, special effects


Has any forum or website link?
Or any link to the patches?
Or also what is the name of the server?
And which special effects?
He got caught doing what we all as staff did not want to do.. he was taking donations and giving extra shit to donators. When confronted he started this ^ I'm buying a server and putting my shard back up so go ahead and take a copycat shard 3-4 of us have worked on if you feel the need. Very childish Phil.


Still what is the forum name? =D

But really, it was purely evident that something was wrong in this thread (points with vigor toward the lack of information), went on his profile and he was in a private conversation with someone, so if it was not one of you he probably handed out so somebody already. (or someone wanted information).

(Thought it was a new shard and he was looking for players... lol)
No it was my shard He was hosting it and started doing what we didn't want to do.. taking donations and making people overpowered and not telling us except once. I called hi on it so hhe's locked me out and giving away work I spent a lot of time on.
When I came back I aid I would not argue in forums anymore so this is it. It is a shitty thing he's doing. He has banned all of the staff that have worked with me for years that were his friends too. I'm going to leave it at that because a big part of me is wondering why I tried to quit acting like a jerk and build a new shard that was for real fans of UO. He started using it to make money and never coded (nor can). I should have never came back.... that's a lot of wasted time. I'm done with it. Feel free to get the shard from hime, but spread it so there are 100 more the same.


If you look through the site's forums it takes all of two seconds to realize who was putting all the time and effort into the shard: Doc. Every changelog (daily), every update post and virtually all feedback with the community was done solely by him.


I've been offered two times to have my shard hosted by another person, i've always been scared to see such situation happening, so i know how you can feel...


They wont get anywhere with this, Doc. Short of changing all names and starting over, which wouldnt last long, there are done.
Keep us in the loop man, for anything we can do to help. Theres always a blessing in disguise in stuff like this, if you are able to look.
Dont give up, Doc.. get even :)
Well I have been delisting the shard now because I saw on joinuo the shard had 54 votes when we had 4, with 2 plyers onine.. He was cheating with a VPN. He uses them all the time. I either delisted the shard or made it where votestones will end up at google or google images.