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new shard


Interesting logic there, Misha. I'm the one being "childish", yet you are essentially condoning his actions. Perhaps you should try forming an objective opinion, instead of the one Jason is so clearly spoon-feeding you.

It speaks volumes of your character that you're so apathetic to the shit I've tolerated from him, and have the nerve to ridicule me for not wanting ANY interaction with him, directly or otherwise. Him trolling on ServUO is an indicator that he hasn't changed one bit; even more so that he has a "friend" fighting his battles for him.

A bit disappointing. I had expected better of you. Then again, anyone who befriends Jason likely isn't all "there".
Dude, I have been about as polite as I can be. I am being polite to you now. You have a vendetta. YOU are the one having issues. This thread was over days ago. I'm not here to argue with you anymore, so cry me a river and movve on. Go get laid, it is the weekend. Enjoy it. You're gonna have a stroke.
Just a few things for you:

1) NOBODY spoon feeds me my opinions. I am very capable of making up my own mind about people. I do not let anyone swerve my opinions one way or the other as you are clearly trying to do to me now.

2) You are the one carrying on and on about this and cannot seem to let it go. You are throwing a tantrum on a public forum and therefore are clearly acting like a child. Also you are giving your JoinUO mod position a bad rep. I am sure Kyn will not appreciate that.

3) I would be more than happy to sympathize with you if you were not acting like such an asshat. You constantly have to have the last word. There is no compromising with you, because you have to have the last word and be the winner.

4) I am sorry that you feel so butt hurt over this whole situations but they way you are handling it is just asinine.

5) Last but not least I could give to shits less if you are "disappointed" in me or find me "disappointing". There is only one who can judge me and is sure as hell is not you. That goes for Jason as well. You are not the judge and jury as you think you are. So just grow up, get off yer soap box, shut down your pity party and go the hell home.

Misha :)
Oh and I have not one time ridiculed you for not wanting interaction with him. I have been trying to get you to shut the hell up and stop interacting but you cannot seem to do that. You just keep going and God yer worse than a crack just cannot stop yourself.


Misha, I invite you to proofread everything you just posted. It's virtually identical to everything Jason has been saying, damn near verbatim. You challenged me the moment I posted an image of him down-voting 15+ posts dated from 4+ months ago. It's astounding that you believe him violating our agreement to avoid any contact is acceptable. It's quite the double standard to label me "childish" for posting about it, then defend his childish antics.

Kyn and I share a mutual disdain for Jason. I'm confident I could have just banned him and Kyn wouldn't have said a damn word. He knows all about Jason, and has witnessed most of it firsthand. It's not about having the "last word". That's just a rather dimwitted perspective to have. If he replies with bullshit, I'm going to refute it. I have every reason to be pissed off. He did this trolling nonsense near the end of last year and I took the high road and ignored it. I'm done ignoring it. Our agreement was made for a reason. All we've ever asked for is for Jason to stay the fuck away. It's a simple request really.

If you want to put in your unofficial official Jason Elliot defense league uniform and guzzle his koolaid, so be it. You're no better than he is.
I actually spoke to Kyn the other day and he helped remove the listing from joinuo. I've also played on his shard briefly and spoke with him in game and apologized for past comments and was assured all was well. I also speak with Kheldon now and then. :) Banning me won't hurt my feelings in any way, so feel free to do so. Thanks.


I don't give a shit if you buried the hatchet or not. I thought you and I had too, but obviously your word is shit. Kyn is a sensible guy, and when he sees you reneged on your word with me, I have no doubt he will want you out of the community.
So quit complaining here and go ask them to ban me for no reason. Grab a beer, take a chill pill. Do something. You don't want to be all pissy when you need to be moderating. Wouldn't suggest a postal career though.
See there you go judging me are so judgmental....Kinda got a God Complex going on there.

I do not defend all the shit Jason did or does. He was wrong in a lot of cases.

What I do support is his trying to change, so yeah he may have a slip up every now and then but damn don't we all.

Yes he down played yer posts...not the end of the world as you are making it out to be. You have more than trashed him on runuo today...I would say you are more than square. Just drop it already and move on. Its truly bad for your health to get his upset over a few silly down plays. He did not call you names, or mess with your wife. You have laid a bunch of his past shit bare for all to read. You have done your job. Mission complete.

Now put on your big boy panties and go take a nap.


LOL. You are really pushing the whole "vendetta" shtick, aren't you? I don't give a shit what you do in life as long as it doesn't interfere with mine. When we made our agreement, there was no "but you can down-vote like a trolling bitch whenever you want" clause. It was a simple "stay the fuck away". I thought I made that rather clear. I would expect no less of you if I had provoked you, but I didn't. This is less about what you used to do, and more about you violating my GTFO request. Why is it so difficult for you to understand the words "go away"? I'm sure you've heard it enough in you're miserable life.

Instead of having halfwit, biased "friends" defend you, perhaps you could be a man, accept responsibility, and move on. There is no "forgiveness" to seek out of me. You'll never have it. I loathe you, and anyone around me (professionally or personally) shares that sentiment. I'm done playing little boy games with you. I don't have the time nor energy for dealing with your shit all over again.
Do you think you're some kind of higher power? I don't care for or need your "forgiveness" for anything. Nice job posting as a moderator on joinuo in my shard thread telling people not to play there. That is against joinuo rules and Arwen is not affiliated with my shard. You're the one acting psycho Orbit Storm.