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OWLTR 3.01.00 (I'm just trying to use the Token System)


So I am trying to use JUST the Token system with OWLTR 3.01.00 and I am having some issues even getting started.

I got it to compile, but I was wondering how I add the tokens to your npcs upon death?

Also I tried adding a Token Ledger deed, and it wont let the player have it, unless they have the Master Storage. How can I disable this storage system so that players can have just a simple Token Ledger like the old system?


Staff member
The storage bag doesn't act as a storage if the player doesn't have the storage deed.
You can simply not giving your player the storage deeds.

If you want to add tokens when monsters die than you need to locate the code in BaseCreature that does that in the OWLTR and add it to your server.

The storage bag replaces the old token ledger and without it the player has no place to store his tokens.