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Razor "Unstable"

Hello there,

As I see no issue on the tracker GitHub, I'd like to open a topic that brings some features suggestion / annoying bug on the Official EA server, which did not appear with UOAssist or UOSteam.

My setup: Lenovo G780, Windows 8.1, Razor Version:, XP Compatibility Mode SP3.

Bugs / Outdated:
1) several crash that appear when I take a gate or opening a gump ...
2) Small server lag spike that appear when you run between houses.
3) Video capture is no longer working (outdated for several years now).
4) "Use smart cpu usage reduction" does not work.
5) "Automatically open doors" option does not open all doors.

Features Suggestion:
1) Add Mysticism on "Skills" tab and spells.
2) In the "Hot Keys / Items /" tab, add new items as Smoke Bomb, Petals etc ...
3) Add hotkey for Trapped Box.

Please consider this request.

"Does the BTC is still relevant?"