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Ruins & Riches

[2.x] Ruins & Riches Final

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Mangar submitted a new resource:

Ruins & Riches - A Single/Multi Player Adventure Game

Ruins & Riches is a single or multi-player adventure game that was liberally assembled and organized by Djeryv for almost a decade. The world consists of elements from various sources of ideas, graphics, maps, and animations, as well as some created by Djeryv. The overall scripting is based on RunUO, but heavily modified by Djeryv to create a new and unique experience. Although built off the Ultima Online Age of Shadows era, the...

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Looking at the source that was included, it is based on RunUO 2.1. It takes place in Sosaria instead of Britannia, so the land isn't really familiar to UO players. He did put the classic dungeons in the game though where they were redecorated. Djeryv never really did many screenshots of the game so I thought I would share some.











Glad to see this project back here - and I love the new name! Thanks Mangar for sharing.


One of the best Ultima experiences I've had to date. Having played UO many years and also grown up with the Ultima games, Ruins & Riches exists in a sweet spot between both.

It's specially designed for easy set-up and play in minutes for those who know nothing about emulation. Casual users can tweak the game's settings via a plain-English text file. The special client for Ruins & Riches modernizes the classic interface. (Some examples: hot buttons, mouse zoom, and any resolution you want.)

Like the included manual describes, the realm consists of 9 different lands, about 20 cities and villages, and over 100 dungeons to explore. There are quests and secrets and achievements to discover like in the old Ultima games, as well as UO's rich crafting, skills, and customization — plus new skills, gear, abilities and a moderate survival mechanic that fit the game like a glove, making Ultima new again for the first time in years.

Djeryv carved a big space for original content and genre-nods and Ultima-inspired questing alike, making Ruins & Riches, in a sense, both the "Ultima 10" and the "single-player/Co-op" UO experience I've personally always dreamed about.

A few hints...

Read the manual and then talk to various shop owners you come across in the game, as well as farmers and tamers found in houses throughout the countryside, for tips to manage hunger in your first hours.

Shopkeepers have changing supply and demand. If they're not buying or selling what you think they should be, it's not a bug. Go about your business and return to them in a couple of in-game days (sometimes a few).

Click that Help button on your paper doll and explore it thoroughly. Not your average Help button!

Don't litter the thread with spoilers and answers! According to its creator, Ruins & Riches is about exploration and discovery. ;)


I played UO in 1997 - 1998 and Ruins & Riches comes the closest to bringing me back to the excitement and feel of that world. Really enjoying it as a single player game. I mostly logged into UO to role-play on Catskills shard in the old days ([OG]) and I wasn't an Ultima player outside of UO. Ruins & Riches is a fantastic way to learn more about the lore and legacy while scratching my old school crpg / mmorpg itch.

I really appreciate all of the hard work and passion that obviously went into this project!! It will probably be the only game I play for a while. :D

Edit -- I thank you for updating the blog as well
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Thanks for taking this on Chris (Mangar). I have been using your recent changes and bug fixes myself.


Hi Mangar and Djeryv,

Can you share some info about the specific utilities or tools (and their version numbers) used to create and edit maps and art assets in Ruins & Riches?

I've downloaded many of the resources that are out there and due to lack of familiarity with RunUO/ServUO development and history, am still tinkering and getting my bearings. If possible, links to compatible versions of tools, documentation, tutorials, etc would be super helpful and appreciated!

I would love to be able to make small edits to my local world (map files, spawns, minor script changes) and share the client with a few of my D&D/TTRPG friends for small group online play. It's currently running on an older PC w/ Windows 7.

To give some background, I have intermediate scripting skills (mostly from working with open source python and javascript frameworks/libraries) and familiarity with OOP principles. I'm a passable sysadmin as well.

Also would like to add that I have a writing and online support background and would be happy to contribute wherever I can, eg documentation/wiki editing.

Thanks again. :)
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