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[RunUO 2.0 RC 2] Horde Depredator


[RunUO 2.0 RC 2] Horde Depredator


Horde Depredator are monsters that have good quality in the paragraphs below, these monsters will be described. These scripts can be installed both on RunUO 2.0 RC 2 and on RunUO 2.0 RC 1.


1 - Monster Young Depredator. There is an opportunity for 5 seconds to do physical resists on Energy -15%, to use Ability: Dismount and Whirlwind Attack.
Looting: Utility Random 6 - Cloak Of Invulnerability.

2 - Monster Middle Depredator. There is the possibility Area Poison 20 - 25 damage Lethal Posion, Range 18. Uses Abilityi: Dismount and Whirlwind Attack.
Looting: Looting: Utility Random 8 - Cloak Of Invulnerability.

3 - Monster Big Depredator. He has an opportunity to paralysis in 4 seconds
Uses Ability: Dismount and Whirlwind Attack
Looting: Looting: Utility Random 6 - Arms Of Minion.


1 - Cloak Of Invulnerability Attributes Bonus Strenght 5, Physic Resist 5, Hue 1109 // Shadow Hue

2 - Armor Of Minion Attributes:
FireBonus = Utility.Random(0, 15);
            ColdBonus = Utility.Random(0, 15);
            EnergyBonus = Utility.Random(0, 15);
            PoisonBonus = Utility.Random(0, 15);
            PhysicalBonus = Utility.Random(0, 15);
            Attributes.AttackChance = Utility.Random(0, 15);
            Name = "Arms Of Minion";
            Attributes.BonusStr = Utility.Random(0, 10);
            Attributes.CastRecovery = Utility.Random(0, 3);
            Attributes.BonusMana = Utility.Random(0, 10);
            Attributes.ReflectPhysical = Utility.Random(5, 30);
            Weight = 2.0;

- Download the file to install it into the scripts folder.
- Make the restart, and check the new monsters.

View to screenshot! :)


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TheNorthStar;809451 said:
That area looks awesome, is that custom or have I just never seen it?

nah not customs, just not many people use it, i think i released a big red one ages ago.


That is more than likely because the HordeDemon2 (body 795) no longer exists. The HordeDemon (body 776) & HordeDemon3 (body 796) do, so they still show, but the body type 795 isnt in use now. The only other HordeDemon that still exists is the Multi Colored HordeDemon ( body 999).


Are you using the latest client? If so then there may have been a change over time that disabled or changed the middle ones graphic. You may have to alter the script to use one of the available models that do exist.

EDIT: Hammerhead beat me to it as I was typing. :)

Edot 2: Does anyone know the coords of the location that is used in the screenshot? That place looks pretty cool.