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[RunUO 2.0 RC1] Arya's Battle Chess


homergz;702866 said:
Thank you for this but you didn't attach the scripts. Looking forward to seeing it.

Argh ^^ I forgot the most important.

Mea culpa, Here a screenshot just taken by a GM as bonus ;) On our shard, the chessboard is put at Moonglow, in the sea, at a Rel Por from the coast.


  • Battle
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Dereckson;702818 said:
Good afternoon,

I've just ported the Arya's Battle Chess to RunUO 2.0 RC1.

You can find the original version on

It's a script implementing a game like the Harry Potter chess game, sorcerer version.


I love when this script gets exposure. It was an awesome contribution by Arya. By the way, I already updated it for 2.0 over a year ago.

Just thought you would like to know.



Arg ... I've done a too quicker search before to open the old script in Visual Studio :(

Yep we've played a lot of very fun games, it's very nice :)


Just wondering if this was tested on svn? I remember having this chess game on 1.0 and it had crash issues


milva;808518 said:
Just wondering if this was tested on svn? I remember having this chess game on 1.0 and it had crash issues

i have been runnin it on a live SVN server for about 7 months players love it & have had no probs with it


Wonderful script engine.
We ported this to svn mods and replaced Collections with generics counterparts.
Works great.

Arya, for sure, is one of the best scripters all over the time.
Important crashfix:

Go to ChessGame.cs to the method public void Cleanup()

				m_Black.CloseGump( typeof( ScoreGump ) );

Replace with:
				m_Black.CloseGump( typeof( ScoreGump ) );
				m_Black.CloseGump( typeof( ChessSetGump ) );
				m_White.CloseGump( typeof( ScoreGump ) );
Replace with:
				m_White.CloseGump( typeof( ScoreGump ) );
				m_White.CloseGump( typeof( ChessSetGump ) );

Otherwise the server will crash if players take more than two minutes to choose a chess layout and then continue.

Wis Weed

I had a lot of problems with the gumps. If players pressed an unexpected button the shard would crash.

For example, if a player used a "make last" (button 21) while any chess gump was up it would result in a server crash. I went and made changes to most of the gumps to stop this crash from happening. I still need to test out the PawnPromotionGump, but I will update/clean up this post when I have more time.

Here are the changed gumps:


  • ChessHelpGump.cs
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  • ChessSetGump.cs
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  • GameGump.cs
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  • PawnPromotionGump.cs
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  • StartGameGump.cs
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Can anyone help with this please. I love the game, but when you try and take another piece, the attacker attacks once then walks to the square and walks around the opponent.

Then the game just hangs and cannot continue.


I'n having the same issue. They wont actually take the opponent they ust circle them.

EDIT: I tried debug mode, but no issues. when your chess peice attacks another it sends the blast that is supposed to kill them, but they don't die. Then because they are still alive and occupying the space, your peice just circles them..