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[Runuo 2.2 Nerun Distro] Serbo Level System lvl sys 3 update.


All Credit for this update goes to Ki Frost and their Level System 3 as well as Dracana for the item level gump I used. Also all those who helped them build their systems.

This system was built to work with Runuo2.2 svn and Neruns latest distro.

Files have been included to drop in place as well as a updated install doc written by Ki Frost. All configurations should be the same as Level System 3.

I have added support for the SA skills, they are currently commented out for the time being. They can be re enabled in the PlayerlevelGump.cs file.

This is my first shot at coding with Runuo so if there are any issues that come up please let me know.

I hope to have some more things to share soon.


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RunUO - [] Version 2.0, Build 3782.29841
Core: Running on .NET Framework Version 2.0.50727
Core: Optimizing for 4 64-bit processors
Scripts: Compiling C# scripts...done (cached)
Scripts: Compiling VB.NET files found.
Scripts: Verifying...done (2520 items, 604 mobiles)
Regions: Loading...done
World: Loading...An error was encountered while loading a saved object
- Type: Server.Mobiles.PlayerMobile
- Serial: 0x00000001
Delete the object? (y/n)
Hi Serbi. I modified your script for my server. It's based on runuo2.0 rc2. I have lot of customs but now when i'm add your system everything work's fine but when i restart the server i see error occured on save in my character and i must delete it :/


Hi Aryman

I see what i missed in the install instructions. I have re uploaded the instructions with the correct changes to playermobile.css

It was missing the stuff for:

private int m_SKPoints;
private int m_StatPoints;

Please let me know if that fixes your restart errors. The original system was built on 2.0 so it should still work on it.
would it be possible to change this so it can surpass skillcap? and stat cap? i wanted it to be so they can only get so far training, and actually have to fight to finish up