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RunUO 2.2 Released and the introduction of Jira


so i tried using this version and i noticed i still have problems with UO: Classic Client :/ is RunUO not support the new Classic Client? its pretty much the same thing classic client seems to just remove the old 3D files/codes/etc. so is UO:Gold recommended only and RunUO prob never updating their scripts directory to UO:Classic??? they're ussualy small problems but just wanted to know if they're ever going to be fix and supporting UO:Classic?

Im running UO Classic which I DLed from Ive had no probs and im patch to the max


well there small problems that is why like if you prop somone then go to bodyvalue menu it dosnt show. because it says 3d client was not detected or somthing like that theres also that runuo dosnt auto detect the path you can to change it from script file or add own datafiles, and theres other small little things like that that dont work only on uo gold version. not raelly a big deal like its very playable but just wanted to know if theyre ever going to be fixed or changed into classic client or what? and the mproblems are mostly admin/GM side not player side. atleast what i know.


I just started up my new 2.2 with neruns distro 2.2 and I would just like to say....WOW! This thing is absolutely fantastic! Thanks guys and thanks to nerun for getting distro 2.2 done so quickly!


Any idea when we'll see a mono compile?
I think, in the interest of keeping the linux model going, you need to download the source and compile this on your own, just like all the other linux apps out there.


Okay, so after finding a missing libz (Ubuntu moved it for Natty) was a joke to compile. I was expecting more drama. Thanks.


This is nice! I was wondering however is there any big changes as in AOS, ML, SA? Thanks always good stuff from RunUO! Im glad to see things always moving forward as I couldnt imagine RunUO not being here. Thanks again!


ok i just restarted my shard from scratch and once i tried to start RunUO i got thisRunUO -

[] Version 2.1, Build 4272.35047
Core: Running on .NET Framework Version 2.0.50727
Scripts: Compiling C# scripts...done (0 errors, 0 warnings)
Scripts: Skipping VB.NET Scripts...done (use -vb to enable)
Scripts: Verifying...done (2599 items, 553 mobiles) (3.38 seconds)
Regions: Loading...done
World: Loading...tiledata.mul was not found
Make sure your Scripts/Misc/DataPath.cs is properly configured
After pressing return an exception will be thrown and the server will terminate
An error was encountered while loading a saved object
- Type: Server.Engines.BulkOrders.LargeSmithBOD
- Serial: 0x4000004E
Delete the object? (y/n)

Im at a loss anything will help.


Community -

I am also pleased to inform you we have implemented Jira from Atlassian Pty Ltd. Jira is a project management and issue tracking package which will allow us to better resolve outstanding issues or feature requests with RunUO. The Demise development team which has really been pushing RunUO development as of this time is committed to the utilization of Jira which will provide us with wonderful change logs and tracking going forward.

Our Jira instance is located at and is open to the public. As of right now we're working on documentation which will assist you with guidelines on how to utilize Jira and standards for reporting missing features or bugs to it. In the mean time you can at least look around and familiarize yourself with it.

I'm just curious about why you changed from Redmine to Jira, I mean, both are an excelente piece of software with their own advantagens/disadvantages, but I want to know what you guys tought that Jira would fit better.

I'm asking this because I'm a heavy user of Redmine on daily basis.
I was wondering if there was a good chat system to run with the new setup? i was thinking knives chat beta 9 but im still slightly retarded for adding such a system. so i was just wondering.


I was wondering if there was a good chat system to run with the new setup? i was thinking knives chat beta 9 but im still slightly retarded for adding such a system. so i was just wondering.

yea, use Knives Chat 3.0 Beta 9. works great! Just drop the folder in customs and restart. Edit as needed.
quik not on the knives chat 9 it does work awsome but i had to go to general folder and edit chat3party cs so on line 78 You have to remove the member. from this line
if (data.GlobalW && !p.member.Contains(data.Mobile))

if (data.GlobalW && !p.Contains(data.Mobile))is what it should look like.


Been a long time since I 'RanUO', hehe.. Gonna check it back out here over the holiday weekend. Just wanted to say it's awesome to see you guys who are still active, and all the devs who are still hard at work. Congrats on this newest release!! Ryan - Did you ever get a Golden Tee arcade game? hehe


Ok, I just feel like saying : "Thank you all very much for all your efforts and engagement."
It is really great that you do all the great stuff. A big extra thanks to the RunUO developers, the supporters and Nerun for putting up a Click and Play Distro for "N00bs" like me :)
But I try to get my skillZ up :)
Thank you!