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Sallos 4all campaing!

Sallos for all servers !!!! just like UOsteam and Razor, sallos should be around for all servers since its safe ! everyone should be able to play with nice looking graphics and smooth gameplay !


Well he seems to be a nice guy to me at least the few times ive spoken to him.

Last time I asked he responded it would have to be a very trusted server. What that means im not sure..

Plug to him for me please.. HA!
hehehe, i love ultima online, the best game ever made. I really think sallos can save this game and secure future, i dont play much because of real life etc.. but i always have an hour or more to play everyday the players that we need to bring to the game are the young ones, they have time to play and could keep the game going. The only way forward is with a better looking client and smoother gameplay.


I agree buddy me and 4 other guys from here made a server that is totally free. Only reason was for the love of the game and try and bring new players to the servers.

So we both agree 100%