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Treasure Maps

Hi! I have custom map on my shard and some treasure maps are like this..

I need help!!!



  • map.png
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You need to give us some more information.. What Ultima game client are you using? What is your custom map Size, and is it a *.mul or a *.uop map file?
You will need to create a new facet0.mul file for the new custom map to show areas in treasure maps correctly. And city/world maps as well, for cartography.
UOFiddler has a plugin tool that does this. There may be instructions to do this somewhere as well.


You need to change the facetxx.mul files... you can do that with UOFiddler. If you need help pm me and we'll skype you through it.
I need to give Felucca.bmp to UOFiddler to generate new facet.. Right?

My client is 7.0.15 and i use customized map based on ml map..


That sounds about how it works, yes. You want to have a map image that does not include the dungon area though.