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When i did this before, it was much easier...


I set up a server a few years ago and never finished building it. While I hit a few bumps in the road then, it's like i've got roadblock now. Let me give some info and ask for a little guidance here.

I'm looking to create a server that I can play around with simply because it's fun. I enjoy playing around with the scripts and all that... it's great stress relief. I'd like a few of my friends to be able to log into it, but it will be extremely low traffic. I'm not even that worried about connectivity at the moment.

I downloaded 2.2 and started it. I entered the correct path (c:\program files\electronic arts\ultima online classic) when asked. I got an error message about BODs asking if I wanted to delete the item an allitems of its kind. I tried answering N and Y and the server terminated both ways.Then I tried using a copy of ML in my c:\program files (x86)\... folder and got the sameerror, different item.

I've looked at all the tutorials I can find on this site and 5 or 6 other sites. I even tried using emulators from other folks andnothing is working right. I don't remember it being this hard.

I must be missing something simple...

I want to run the server on my extra Alienware with Windows 7.I am not a scripter, but I was very good at incorporating and modifying others' scripts... I suppose I know just enough to get by on a very small scale. That's just to say that I will probably not easily understand some directions, but I can follow explicit instructions well.

If I can get a very clear tutorial, I can be up and running and figure therest out along theway.For now, I just need to get the server to actually start.

SO... I've uninstalled EVERYTHING and restarted with nothing but a fresh download of 2.2 and the latest Razor.


which UO should I download?
what version of dotnet framework?
which helpful 3rd party programs do i need? (Pandora still the main one?)
what path should I install UO it into?
any modifications i need to make to scripts before starting the server?
common errors to watch out for?
anything else in the world i need to know?

Is there an updated tutorial that I'm overlooking or will some kind soul take me under their wing for a bit and get me running here? :) I will create a monument to you in my world (though not many people will ever see it)


Hey there. I'm just starting back up myself. I do the exact same thing as you do with the server (just piddle around with the scripts and have a lil fun). Anyway, I am by no means an expert on this but I can tell you what I got to work.

1. I have 2 hard drives on my system so I set one of them aside strictly for my Ultima Online stuff. (This isn't necessary but it is really nice if you are able too.)

2. Download runUO 2.2 (This is the version I downloaded)

3. Download Razor. ( ) You will need this to log in to your server. (You have to enter your Shard IP and Port before you can log in. If you are running it on you local computer the server IP will be and the port will be 2593 )

4. Download a stable client. The best one I have found is (I got mine here: )

4.a. It doesn't matter where you install your UO file. RunUO will ask you where to look for it at and you just type in the path.

5. If you don't have a recent version of the dotnet framework the most recent one should work ( I don't even know what version I have)

6. I downloaded Neruns Distro. It is a good tool and it has one button that populates the entire world. I like the being able to make changes to an already full world.

6.a. Neruns Distro runs inside RunUO so it doesn't have a .exe file you have to open. It's explained in the directions.

7. Pandora's Box is still in use. I haven't found any better GM tools yet. I like Axis for Sphere Server but it doesn't work for runUO shards.

8. The runUO server is ready to use strait out of the box. There are a few adjustments you can make ( look here for some adjustments: )

I sure hope this helps you out because I want to have that monument in your world! If there is something I missed let me know;)


I thought that's what I was doing the whole time. Found out that, for some reason, I had framework 1.1 or something absurdly low installed. Also,I was using a more up to date client, so I rolled that back a bit. Got the server to load and it's listening and saving properly.

So, I'd like to do my GMing and development on a different computer on the network. I was under the impression that I could do this without messing with the router, since they're on the same network. Working on that now. I know I had this same problem before and I just wasn't thinking... apparently i'm not thinking again.