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[2.x] XmlSpawner 2 Version 4.0 Revision 21

No permission to download


Yes, I tried to remove root folder when possible, I also added permission check when loading, since any gm could overwrite seer or > permission level spawners...(also with saving, you can create spawners that load settings on-the-fly, but anyone with lower permission level could overwrite that file!)


I know location is correct as I can load files from the same directory created with the "New XML Spawner" they are just in a different format. I am thinking I am overlooking something so simple.

I knew was going to be something simple lol

[xmlload does the trick just needed to move .xml into a folder

Oh, good deal.
I guess I assumed you already placed the file in that spawns directory.


I'm having a strange problem with my xml spawners. When I place them in the world, I can not see them. I can see them if I add them to my pack, and when I use the [xmlspawnershowall I get the ship mast in my backpack, but, as soon as I move it to the world, it disappears. I set one up while it was in my pack and moved it to the world, and it is still running, I used the [get home on the mob that spawned and it says that home is right where I placed it.

At the time this happened, I was in green acres testing custom loot spawns so I was switching back and forth between staff and player with the staff orb.


ok it sounds to me that its either the script that shows what game chr can see it as in Owner / GM / Seer if its not that thats overriding then it has to be the Z placement of the spawner if you can post screenshots of it that might help aswell Ill do whatever I can to help you....


I'm running 2.5

When I do the [get home command on the mobile that is spawned from said spawner, it shows z as 0. I did check to be sure by changing my z above and below 0.

What are you wanting a screenshot of, I will post one, I'm just not clear on what your asking for.