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Forum Code of Conduct

The rules which all members of the community must adhere to!

Forum Code of Conduct

The RunUO Team provides these forums as a place for it's community to gather, share information and in general communicate regarding the different aspects of Ultima Online. Your participating in these forums means you agree to be bound by the following rules at all times and at the sole discretion of The RunUO Team your posts can be deleted and your forum account access can be restricted or terminated.

We've built these guidelines to be easy to follow and with the intent they would be mostly common sense.

The Code of Conduct:

Mission Statement:

Every participant of these forums is a human being and as such we should remember everyone has real feelings. There's nothing nice about trying to hurt other people's feelings and you have nothing to gain by doing so. Treat every person in this community the way you would treat your own family and the majority of problems will police themselves. If you wouldn't say it to someone's face don't bother saying it here in our community, keep it to yourself.


  • We are human beings, even on the internet.
  • Real life laws apply to this community.
  • Have respect for fellow members of this community.


  • You may not use this community to:
    • Transmit any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable content.
    • Post or transmit sexually explicit images or other content that is deemed to be offensive.
    • Advocate cheating during gameplay including, but not limited to, the modification of the game program files.
    • Impersonate any person.
    • "Spam" by posting frequent and/or annoying messages in the forums.
  • Post offensive links or damaging links.
  • Advertise goods or services other than those which are part of the game.
  • Harass another community member. Harassment is defined as a community member targeting another individual or group solely to cause distress or unwanted attention. We will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any form.

  • Posts in our forums must be in English unless posted in a forum dedicated to another language.
  • Do not post content in all capital letters or use excessive punctuation. All posts should be coherent and at least make an attempt to follow basic grammatical standards.
  • If a thread is closed, leave it be. Do not make associated threads or link to other threads which are closed.
  • Keep your posts on topic, we are not looking for people who want to post "first" in every thread to participate in our community.
  • Do not bump posts... ever.
  • ASCII art is not permitted.
  • Overly annoying signatures will be removed. If you do not understand why it was removed, pm a forum moderator. Do not replace a removed signature.

  • For our Shards - Do not post threads to ask for changes to the game, it's mechanics or petition the user base for their opinion. This is the job of The RunUO Team and when necessary we will do these things.
  • The subject line of a post is for a coherent description... not to draw attention to your thread.
  • When you're making a post, be constructive. Ask yourself the simple question of "What will my post contribute to making this community a better place?". If you can't answer that question it's likely your post is not needed.

Overall principle:

  • Be nice.
  • Treat every member of our community with respect.
  • Thank people who help you.
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    Sep 13, 2011
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