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  • Grimoric
    Grimoric replied to the thread "An Corp" The Community.
    It seems so. Ryan seems to have disappeared again. It might have been a whiskey or two too much at the beginning of December and the "run" on...
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  • S
    Not quite sure where to post this so I will start here. I am wondering how to use multiple maps (more than the base ) with the Classic UO client...
  • ArisBB
    ArisBB reacted to Ryan's post in the thread "An Corp" The Community with Like Like.
    Welcome back to the RunUO Community. After a long hiatus, we've been doing some thinking and a group of us are back to once again revolutionize...
  • ArisBB
    ArisBB replied to the thread "An Corp" The Community.
    Its a dream? Im finishing compress my Shard to put it on-line using ServUO, because this community are active on last months, like i seems on...
  • J
    jaiganesh lala posted the thread Eretrol in New Join Forum.
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  • Hannes-Erich
    Hannes-Erich reacted to Mangar's post in the thread [2.x] Ruins & Riches with Like Like.
    Mangar submitted a new resource: Ruins & Riches - A Single/Multi Player Adventure Game Read more about this resource...
  • Hannes-Erich
    Hannes-Erich replied to the thread [2.x] Ruins & Riches.
    One of the best Ultima experiences I've had to date. Having played UO many years and also grown up with the Ultima games, Ruins & Riches exists in...
  • gametec
    gametec replied to the thread [2.x] Ruins & Riches.
    archived! thanks for the resource :)
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  • Mangar
    Mangar replied to the thread [2.x] Ruins & Riches.
    Thanks, and also thanks to Djeryv for sharing this with us. Just amazing.
  • Iain
    Iain replied to the thread [2.x] Ruins & Riches.
    Glad to see this project back here - and I love the new name! Thanks Mangar for sharing.
  • Mangar
    Mangar replied to the thread [2.x] Ruins & Riches.
    The wizard's guild is in some sort of astral plane.
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