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Blank Maps


Ive seen a few posts around about how to make maps with resources that have dead links.

I am in need of making replacements maps for SA with deep water maps only.

Correct me if I'm wrong there is a few tools that allow to 'draw' the land, shallow water, caves, etc. while logged in via the client?

Which tools do I need to accomplish this?


You can easily accomplish this with Centred or Centred+. Just load up whatever regular map of the size you want. Use the Administrative commands to wipe all statics, and then redraw all of the terrain as water at your desired z level. Takes about 4-5 minutes tops including installation of the program.
what are the commands to delete the original map felucca trammel, I have some maps they gave me are edited with statics all Madif, but when I try to start the server with these map, the server continues to use the original, also I have configured in datapath and nothing happens