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hues.mul help


Good Morning All,

I am trying to fix our hues.mul file and have no idea what I am doing. We have a ton of custom colors and some where along the way someone edited colors 1754 to 1778 (the gargoyle skin hues). and made them into custom colors, now our gargoyles skin looks horrible. Without having to reassign colors for all our custom colored stuff can I add the gargoyle skin hues to the bottom of the list (2972 - 2996)? Then have our programmer reassign the 25 gargoyle skin hues?

I have a copy of the original hues.mul and our hues.mul. I am looking at them in UOHuesEditor, i was hoping I could cut and paste from one to another but that doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions please? I really want to get this fixed.

Thank you for any advice!


I use this Hues Manager.
Keeps the original and can drag and drop any customs to a second hues file. Very easy to use.


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I am trying to use UOfiddler to change skin hues of the elves. I have found the hex values of all the skin hues I want to change (0x0BF, for example). I can locate them in UOfiddler but they are each a hue range not a specific hue color; I assume this is so that shadows can be applied.

In UOfiddler, I double click on the name of my hue range (in this case it would be line 191 aka 0x0BF).
Then I change the start color and end color to two different colors.
I then left click on the left one and right click on the right-most one so that they have the little turquois box around them and I then choose Linear Gradient and save the hue.mul file.

Anyway, when I attempt to edit them, two things happen:

1. It makes the hue color/slot turn black instead of the main hue skin color and it colors the paperdoll all black...instead of the skin color I changed it to in UOfiddler.
2. It also has an effect on spots in the main pallette that shows all the colors (like for shirt colors).

What am I doing wrong?