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Looking for a good shard, I was killed by GM in 30 minutes


I was kill by GM Damion of UO Epidemic by the West Brit bank within 30 minutes of joining his shard!

I guess he thinks its funny to kill you innocents in town, in my case by the Brit Bank to show how powerful he thinks he is, only in his mind. You ever heard of a sane GM doing this?

A lot of Corruption also, A player told me this GM has given all his friends all the good stuff, rares mounts ect and no good house placements, from what I saw on UOMAP he left scarps for whoever else is unfortunate to join.

This GM also called me Gay for getting killed, then he himself kills me by the bank with the GM kill command in town while he in invulnerable to humiliate me. PLEASE ADVISE ON A GOOD SHARD WHERE THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN I WAS THERE ONLY 30 MINUTES!


Thats pretty stupid. If I had players on mine, i would offer it to you to play on, but you would be alone besides anyone else you had to join. I dont know what shards are out there to be honest, but just thought Id at least say someone here heard you, and will not recommend that one to anyone for certain.
Sucks, but there are always dumb ass's out there like that.


I also have my shard set up, alas, even posting on the RUO facebook page got no interest.

I also played on a 'free shard' years ago where a staff was a little kid and he would constantly do shart using his GM account. Like you are stealthing up to do a surprise on an ancient wyrm with a poison dagger and the kid would constantly reveal you which can quickly lead to you being anally plundered.
The staff was very unprofessional and even though I stopped OSI around 2004 (didn't play UO again until 2009 on the 'free' shard), I knew more about the game than even the owner.

I would also keep away from cherished kingdom...


Try I had not played UO for some time and decided to try again and came across this shard. So happy with my decision I already donated to give myself a bit of a head start. Daily/weekly events and average 100 people online at any one time. I know not big compared to some of the others, but plenty of nice custom features and hopefully we can grow the playerbase.

Aya was

try It's a few months old shard and there is a good core of us playing everyday. The owner is the only gm and there is no corruption. We have veteran players and people who have never played uo... There is a handy in-game chat window that all players can see which is really nice to see who else is online or if you need help, questions answered, etc. Most of the player interaction is through that chat window, and not the forums ie buying/selling etc. i've been playing for a couple months now, and having lots of fun!


Hi, I also play on UO Redemption.

Lately UO Forever has been making life miserable for more and more people, and orcs.
The major orc clans have moved into UO Redemption.

If you are an orc roleplayer, that is your new home.
If you like to fight pvp vs orc players, that is your new home.

Either way, its a great place to play.


Ace = smear campaigning liar

Ace joined UO Epidemic for 30 minutes to go get himself pk'd then to harass the GM about it and how he wanted his things back. After continued harrassment and spamming of obscenities Ace was killed and removed from the game.

GM harrassment is not tolerated at UO Epidemic or any other shard, so Ace should have a hard time finding a place to play nicely
Come join us for some Siege Warfare!


Ace = smear campaigning liar

Ace joined UO Epidemic for 30 minutes to go get himself pk'd then to harass the GM about it and how he wanted his things back. After continued harrassment and spamming of obscenities Ace was killed and removed from the game.

GM harrassment is not tolerated at UO Epidemic or any other shard, so Ace should have a hard time finding a place to play nicely
Come join us for some Siege Warfare!

Its not necessary to kill someone to remove them from the game. It just ends up being petty and vengeful and it just gives fuel for someone like the OP to use against you.

Just some advice, take it or leave it at your pleasure.



Using the divinity files

UO Last Stand captures the essence of Ultima Online at its best before everyone started riding around on neon blue bugs, before Grandmaster became just another intermediate skill title, before it stopped being fun. When battles to the death were decided by skill rather than by who had a better connection, and when owning a powerful weapon was something rare, rather than everyone and their grandmother having a chest full of Vanqs.Your first few hours on UO Last Stand will reinstil that passion you had for UO before it lost its way. Features from pre-casting to the carefully-tweaked weapon damage combine to create a highly competitive atmosphere - whether melee fighter or mage, you'll become a force capable of wreaking destruction on your enemies - provided you have the skill, and perhaps a little luck too. The shard is accurate to the T2A era of Ultima Online, taking the many things that made that time so great that it stands out even now in people's memories but the staff have no qualms about making changes to further improve an already great game. To make it more exciting and accessible for new players, for example, combat skills are easier to gain here than you may remember - but conversely, crafting skills are more difficult. It's easy to compete, and you may win your first battle, but to become wealthy, powerful and respected will take time and effort - anyone thinking they can quickly create an economic monopoly will think again in the face of the fierce competition extant among the artisans of Britannia..The best features of Divinity ironically come from its desire to follow the spirit of T2A UO rather than the letter of it. The shard is brimming with innovation. Whether it's the current developments turning Order/Chaos from a guild-war gimmick to an epic campaign or the whispered rumours of Dynamis, a shadowy domain crafted to master any who try their hand at the ultimate PVM, the staff are constantly working to keep the shard fresh and fun. what's stopping you...

Insta-hit weapons
Healing through poison
No special weapon hits of any kind
No specialized "pure mage" viability like poison mages or scribe mages
No mounts!

Original Author Unknown... Perhaps Ryan or Mark. Or Zippy.. None the less. All credits go to UO Gamers.


T2a shards are really great, but they don't tend to last too long because they refuse to break free from the minimalistic grasp of the era - it sounds like it could be different with Last Stand though; it would be nice to see a solid T2A server that won't just vanish after a year or so.

The whole no mounts thing doesn't sit well with a large portion of people, that alone can deter hundreds of potential players.

Sources: personal experience


Once you ride a mount, nothing can happen to it except if you unmount.
That's the main problem of mounts in that game.


I hear ya,
Well we plan to keep it as close to t2a as possible. I understand the mount issue that may deter people from the game. But hey, We shall see. If you need a mount to pvp, you shouldnt be pvping.

I am working on alot of the bugs that are in game right now, we have also had quite a few players stop by and alot of them are excited. We are doing our best to make sure the server sticks around.

Also vorspire,

Server Crash Report

RunUO Version 2.1, Build 5229.36052
Operating System: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
.NET Framework: 2.0.50727.5456
Time: 8/6/2014 11:44:25 AM
Mobiles: 29861
Items: 71517
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Server.Gumps.AdminGump..ctor(Mobile from, AdminGumpPage pageType, Int32 listPage, ArrayList list, String notice, Object state)
at Server.Gumps.AdminGump.Admin_OnCommand(CommandEventArgs e)
at Server.Commands.CommandSystem.Handle(Mobile from, String text, MessageType type)
at Server.Mobile.DoSpeech(String text, Int32[] keywords, MessageType type, Int32 hue)
at Server.Mobiles.PlayerMobile.DoSpeech(String text, Int32[] keywords, MessageType type, Int32 hue)
at Server.Network.PacketHandlers.UnicodeSpeech(NetState state, PacketReader pvSrc)
at Server.Network.MessagePump.HandleReceive(NetState ns)
at Server.Network.MessagePump.Slice()
at Server.Core.Main(String[] args)
Could you possibly shed some light on this for me?