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[RunUO 2.0 RC1] Lucid Nagual's <<_All Spells System_>>


What files do I have to edit and what way to make Ancient spells castable for players?
(yes I know about the last 2 spells which will not be available to players)
Spotted several AccessLevel and made it to player (AccessLevel.Player)
However still seems I am missing something somewhere.
I edited
(fireworks is my test spell, I shall change them all if and when something works)

Nevermind I found it..

From what I can tell there are several Files to edit.
First being the Ancientspellbook.cs (set its accesslevel to equal that of a player)
Next, because the Ancientspellbook gump doesn't work for anyone, using the Tome of Knowledge (Allspellbook, Fullspellbook)
You can edit the FSBschoollist.cs and set ancient spell system's staffonly to false.
(I also made ninjitsu and Bushido set staffonly true becaused the Tome of Knowledge is buggy with them and crashes the shard)

Next you have to edit all the Ancient spell scrolls to let players access them. (deleted the few lines that restrict usage)
I do not recommend doing this to Mass Death and Armageddon spells.

Yay me for figuring this out.. and a Definite HUGE Thanks to LUCID and company on making it relatively easy to understand and fix!


Can everybody make this for RunUO RC2 ?

I Know Aline makes one for RC2 but i seen this pack is not Complete


And so one are not implemented

I love the Tome of Knowlege but i cant use it

sry for bad english :)

greez Thanos