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"An Corp" The Community

I was known as KillerBeeZ and ran the original Pandora shard. I wrote the Pandora Race System (some few small shards are still using it) and probably a thousand other scripts. I had my share of "discussions" with Phantom :mad: lol and many awesome and inspiring people (including you Ryan, wonderful to see you are still alive old man lol)... as a result... I now see sharp code. :D

RunUO and the fantastic community surrounding it taught me how to program, and allowed me to run a shard that I still to this day would like to bring back.
This programming knowledge has furthered my career and in general has provided a priceless opportunity to a great number of people, myself included.

20 years ago I was but the learner, now I am the master :cool: ... ok not really but I have gotten very good with all sorts of code, including C#. I am currently working with some revolutionary ideas with blockchain technology and a few other really nifty projects.

I would like to be on the development team if that is even possible.

I would like to be a part of this resurrection. I don't claim to be the best programmer, but I see things others don't. I really am a wizard when it comes to finding solutions to problems and I believe I can bring something positive to the community.

In any case... Thank you.... I am beyond thrilled to see this announcement... and you are absolutely correct... We DO have some unfinished business to take care of.


At this point, it appears nothing is next. Ryan teased us all 6 months ago and so far he hasn't come back since then. He posted on December 6th and hasn't been online since December 8th so you can do the math as to what's 'next'.
Yeah I'm kind of feeling that too at this point, I was excited all the content came back. So far though it seems like... maybe ryan had a few too many shots of something and did something unintended in a drunken state? Maybe this was an accident. lol.


this community always have been so picky, so what if mark doesnt come in here? he doesnt owe us anything, im glad the forums are back, we cant complain