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RunUO 2.0 RC1 has been released.



Does Runuo 2.0 work with all old scripts and systems like fs tamming system, daats, etc. etc.? i asked because u gotta replace some scripts and i dont know if they have new stuff or not..might overight somthing it needs for 2.0....

Oh and btw good job people with new release many thanks. :D


Scripters are working hard on conversions.
Arte is done
Knives is in progress
I'm done
dunno about daat...I'll ask him.
dunno about Phantom & GigaSpawner
dunno about Ronin's FS Taming (and thus FS *). He hasn't been around much.
Lucid is in progress (just started...had to tell him that RC1 was out :p)
A_Li_N I dunno...I'll ask him (he's never around! >_<)


I almost thought I was seeing things, or this was a joke update... But... Mein gott... You all did it!!!

And... the scripters are already converting? Man, this is the best community ever!!!

To those about to code, we salute you.

Edit: Just saw my title... New join.. hah, been here 3 years. I just post sparsely. Funny that. *laughs*


If I ever release an update to Giga Spawner, it would be in the form of helping the author of Megaspawner with his application.

I am really ticked off that Spider, who I thought I could trust to release an update to Giga Spawner when I was really busy, has never sent me code to release or hasn't even done the release himself.

He even has the nerves to tell me, that anything I do would be slower then his version, which is a crock since I have not even tried.

If I do release an update, it will not have gumps but will be a client based application that logins into a custom server. I hate gumps, I hate doing updates on them. I will get into contact with Igon who did most of the work on the gumps and talk to him about what he wants to do.

Needless to say I will not support Spider's version of Giga Spawner, he better not take the project name, I am not really worried he has basicly left this community.

I don't mind somebody using code I and others worked hard to make and make it better, but when somebody changes their mind and plans to do something else without telling me I get pissed off. If he releases his work, or at least what he has, or hell provides me the code he has its not to late to change my mind.

Needless to say thats why there has not been an update to Giga Spawner in months because of Spider's inability to keep his word. In our private conversations I agreeded he could "update" Giga Spawner and in the process of doing so become the main developer of said project. The understanding I thought I had with him would be that he would release the code to the public, and I would be allowed to still maintain the website.

To be honest I suppose its best that he decide to screw me over in that regard, its easy enough to create an even better system using our work ( the past Giga Spawner developers ), so I am not really going to freak about it.

I will say, I wanted Giga Spawner to be my own project at the time, things happen and I allowed people to it and I regret it alot.


Great work guys, I'm lovin' it.

So how exactly does the new Persistance spawning work? I'm curious because I've been looking through a lot of things and I'm seeing it here and there. It almost looks like it is just an item that serializes/deserializes things from non-item scripts... but I'm not totally sure on that.